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Consider this a Last Man Standing Speed Round of sorts. I’ve kicked things off with Pilot’s “January.” Now, in order, can we list—one song per post, in our well-established “don’t bogart that Last Man Standing thread” tradition—songs featuring the next 11 months?

To rule out cover-all-angles fall-back songs like Neil Sedaka’s “Calendar Girl,” the first month mentioned in each song is the ONLY month that can be used.


  49 Responses to “Last Man Standing Speed Round Edition: Songs Featuring the 12 Months…In Order!”

  1. misterioso

    “American Pie,” “But February made me shiver with every paper I’d deliver.” I think it’s the only month mentioned in the song. Don’t make me go through the whole song in my head, please?

  2. Nine Inch Nails – “March of the Pigs”….oh, wait….

  3. Happiness Stan

    Simon and Garfunkel – April Come She Will

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    Arcade Fire – Month of May

  5. Nice! Now we need a June.

  6. mockcarr

    Crash Into June – Game Theory

  7. “4th of July,” Soundgarden

  8. tonyola

    Neil Diamond – “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show” and “hot August night”.

    I’m amazed you people let me get away with “March of the Pigs”.

  9. I’m laying $1,000 on the next entry!

  10. It’s a lay-up

  11. September Gurls? Right?

  12. Ha! That is one of my all time favorite songs but for some reason I was thinking of the Earth Wind and Fire song “Do you remember, the 25st day of September…”

  13. Gotta know your audience, cdm, especially while EW&F’s greatest supporter in the Hall, hrrundivbakshi, is overseas, enjoying the good life.

  14. tonyola

    I was thinking of the Kurt Weill “September Song”. Here’s Lou Reed performing it the way it was always meant to sound!

  15. misterioso

    U2, “October.” From October. October. October.

  16. “Maybe in November” by the Photon Band!

  17. November Spawned a Monster – Morrissey

  18. misterioso

    “I Am a Rock” by Simon & Garfunkel: “A winter’s day / In a deep and dark December….”

  19. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Feel free, Townspeeps, to start another cyle, if you’re so compelled.

  20. What would this site be without the weekly Big Star reference?

    Of course I am thinking of this version by my girlfriends in The Bangles because I love their Look.

  21. tonyola

    I would have thought “November Rain” by Guns’N’Roses was the obvious pick.

  22. cliff sovinsanity

    The Decemberists – January Hymn from my favourite album of 2011, The Kind Is Dead

  23. Happiness Stan

    Flanders and Swann – The Weather

    “January brings the snow
    Makes your feet and fingers glow”

  24. cliff sovinsanity

    Oh shit, sorry for the confusion. I should have put the song January Hymn in front of “December”ist.

  25. Joan Baez — February off her 2009 album Gone from Danger

    A song that starts out with woman who throws her boyfriend’s keys in a pond and they freeze in the ice . . . a metaphor for a relationship that is going cold. Wow, man.

  26. Happiness Stan

    no, I think that was me being dim. In my defence I’ve been nursing a poorly five year old for the last five hours and am not expecting to get a lot of sleep tonight…

  27. ladymisskirroyale

    How about chanteuse April March?

  28. Happiness Stan

    “March of the Black Queen”, by Queen

  29. Happiness Stan

    “May You Never”, John Martyn, and “Summer The First Time” by Bobby Goldsboro (It was a hot afternoon, last day of June…)

    Off to bed now, what a bloomin’ day…

  30. Happiness Stan

    Is that for April or March? You posted that while I was typing mine, I’m so tired that I’m assuming April and have leapfrogged it.

  31. tonyola

    Pink Floyd – “See Emily Play”

    “You’ll lose your mind and play
    Free games for May”

  32. Happiness Stan picked up June before Tony’s May entry so I’ll go with another 4th of July (the one by X/Dave Alvin)

  33. Happiness Stan

    Robin Gibb – “August October” (for August)

  34. cliff sovinsanity

    Wake Me Up When “September” Ends – Green Day.

    I thought we’d save the EW&F song in case we get stuck.

  35. ladymisskirroyale

    My October Symphony – Pet Shop Boys. Gasp, we have that in our Itunes. Even I was surprised!

  36. Happiness Stan

    Sandy Denny – Late November

  37. ladymisskirroyale

    December is from one of my favorite Christmas albums: The Staples Singers – Last Month of the Year.

  38. cliff sovinsanity

    January Wedding – The Avett Brothers

  39. ladymisskirroyale

    Lilys – February Fourteenth

  40. Happiness Stan

    King Crimson -March for no Reason

  41. hrrundivbakshi

    “April’s Fool,” the Merrymakers (great Andy Sturmer-penned song!)

  42. cliff sovinsanity

    Stormy May Day – AC/DC – from their last album Black Ice

  43. tonyola

    Kinks – “Rainy Day in June”

  44. Happiness Stan

    At the risk of being a bit unadventurous, another 4th of July, this time by Galaxie 500.

  45. “August & Everything After” by Counting Crows

  46. cliff sovinsanity

    September Morn – Neil Diamond

  47. Happiness Stan

    October Song – Incredible String Band

  48. cliff sovinsanity

    The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald – Gordon Lightfoot

    “when the gales of November come calling….”

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