Dec 122012

12/12/12: We won’t see a date like this again in our lifetimes. To celebrate, I invite you to participate in a Last Man Standing on songs involving the number 12. Are there even a dozen songs we can cite?

As always, don’t bogart this thread: please limit yourself to 1 entry per post.

While you’re at it, please feel free to play “The Dozens” and take a good-natured potshot at a fellow Townsperson.


  37 Responses to “Last Man Standing: The Dozens”

  1. bostonhistorian

    Carla Thomas “A Dime A Dozen”

  2. 2000 Man

    Our Man Flint was on last weekend. I love that movie, Lee Marvin was fantastic in it.

    Little Twelve Toes.

  3. bostonhistorian

    Otis Redding, “Hard To Handle”: “boys and things that come by the dozen/that ain’t nothing but drugstore lovin'”

  4. Suburban kid

    “12XU” – Wire

  5. 12 Bar Blues — NRBQ

  6. Also — John Wesley Harding points out on twitter that it is National Soundcheck Day, which is also celebrated on Jan. 2.

  7. One of my all time favorites!

  8. Suburban kid

    “The Clock Strikes Twelve” – a blues instrumental by Bo Diddley.

  9. BigSteve

    On Nick Lowe’s Impossible Bird album there’s a song called 12-Step Program (To Quit You Babe).

  10. “12 Days Of Christmas”

  11. sammymaudlin

    “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” – Bob Dylan

  12. Girl In Room 12 — The Smithereens on the cleverly titled “Blow Up” album.

  13. BigSteve

    I know it’s not a song, but I’ll just mention Spirit’s album Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.

  14. Distant cousins, there’s a limited supply.
    And we’re down to the dozens, and this is why:
    Big Eyed Beans from Venus! Oh my, oh my.

    Lee Marvin ? Never heard of him !

  15. Very funny Mr 2k but please, James Coburn was the Australian Pink Floyd of the movies. Accept no substitute.

  16. Bronzed Nordic God

    Husker Du: Dozen Beats Eleven (outtake from Zen Arcade and available on bootlegs)

  17. Slim Jade

    12:51 by The Strokes

  18. 2000 Man

    Oh, man – what was I thinking? Early morning and trying to get in a little RTH before I leave the house. I still love that movie. Lee Marvin sang in Paint Your Wagon, right? That was funny. Remember when guys could be funny and cool in movies?

  19. BigSteve

    If we’re doing lyrics and not just titles, then I’ll point out that the second verse of Cheap Trick’s Clock Strikes Ten begins “Clock strikes twelve on a Saturday night.”

  20. Yes, lyrics alone will suffice. Album titles, however, do not, or we’d have to allow all those albums with serious titles like “12 Songs.”

  21. ladymisskirroyale

    Darn. I was planning on channeling our long-lost brother, tonyola, by playing the Rush card: 2112.

  22. sammymaudlin

    “Chapter 12”- The Embarrassment

  23. “When the clock strikes twelve we’ll cool off and start rockin’ ’round the clock again.” – BHaley


  24. I’m sitting here drinking coffee and wondering how that song stayed on the board so long. Thanks!

  25. H. Munster

    “Twelve Thirty” — The Mamas and the Papas

  26. The Rolling Stones “2120 South Michigan Avenue”

  27. Have we already stretched this far enough with allowing lyrics too or can I drop a “twelfth” from “Twenty Flight Rock”?


  28. bostonhistorian

    Count Basie “The Dirty Dozens”

  29. Oasis “She’s Electric” has “She’s got a cousin / in fact, she’s got bout a dozen”.

  30. Jambalaya
    “Kin folk come to see Yvonne (?) by the dozen”

  31. bostonhistorian

    Madness, “In the City”: “half a dozen jobs make his money”

  32. Thought James Coburn was great too. OTOH I think Harvey Keitel was a much more entertaining bad buy in Sister Act1 vs Coburn i Sister Act2. Coburn there was fair at best.

  33. Bo Diddley one of the coolest musicians ever. The Bo Diddley beat Saw him some years ago at a bar in Philly,

  34. Bob Dylan Rainy Day Woman #12 and #34. Is the song really about two women or one with two titles? Could mean getting stoned, the stoning of some Islamic women or a tribute to the Rolling Stones.

  35. H. Munster

    I loved him even then
    When he was twelve and I was ten

    “The Boy Next Door” — The Secrets
    a big hit 49 years ago

  36. “Twelfth of Never”. I know of Donny Osmond and Elvis versions.

  37. H. Munster

    I realize that album titles don’t count and I’m not about to dethrone k. Nevertheless, just for the record:
    12 X 5 — The Rolling Stones
    “Twelve Gold Bars” — Status Quo

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