Dec 122012


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  43 Responses to “Worst Idea Ever (or Greatest Onion Prank Article Ever)?”

  1. misterioso

    Or just a pathetic cry for help? But whose–Grohl’s or Macca’s?

  2. cliff sovinsanity

    Looking forward to it. No, seriously.

  3. BigSteve

    Did someone get taken in by an Onion article?

  4. Suburban kid

    (dying laughing)

  5. ladymisskirroyale

    Sir Paul with tattoos?

  6. How is it no one from the Hall is covering this event live? Eddie Vedder just got Comfortably Numb with Roger Waters. Who’s Left is scheduled. Stones. Macca. Everyone’s there except for Seger. There are probably 3 separate robed choirs waiting in the wings somewhere. Simply having a wonderful heart shaped box!

  7. ….and the Rolling Stones just dragged a “(barely hopping) Jack Flash” for like nine minutes.

  8. I could hear Macca doing “About A Girl”….no problem

  9. BigSteve

    Yeah the Stones were pretty sluggish.

  10. Macca’s gotta be an improvement over that mope, Cobain.

  11. alexmagic

    Update: This did happen, Paul McCartney said “Pat Smear!” on live TV, he killed it on “Let Me Roll It”, they did one (new!) song together, it was not at all embarrassing, Krist Novoselic won a pretty epic beard-off that had been running all night at the last minute. As a weird multi-generation pop culture event, it couldn’t have gone any better, all things considered.

    Also, epic trolling by the people in charge to stack the line-up so you had to wait through Billy Joel and Chris Martin back-to-back at the end to get to the main event.

  12. I thought the ‘Nirvana Reunion’ bit would be horrible, but I enjoyed it. It was noisy and I think I was actually laughing out loud (with it not at it) while they gashed through it.

  13. I really enjoyed the Paul/Nirvana thing.

    Incidentally, as a former Pink Floyd fan, I must re-iterate after last night my assertion that Roger Waters, musically, is basically worthless. Take away the concepts, the whingeing, the high-tech props and what do you have? Tone deaf, turgid, energy-free and charmless. Team Gilmour all the way.

  14. Funny, about the only thing I saw last night was the Waters performance. As someone who never liked (classic) Pink Floyd growing up, I’ve come to admire the tone deaf, turgid, energy-free, and charmless visionary of that band. He’s a testament to why rock ‘n roll is (or at least was) so appealing to all sorts of misfits. And the fact that that weird band resonated so deeply with people!

    Plus, I really like that song that has the grandiose intro and the short verse that begins, “So you…think you…might like to…go to the show.” That’s up there with the best little bits of any rock opera by any band.

  15. For people who run charities I’m sure it’s hard to look a gift horse in the mouth, but Billy Joel’s offer to participate in support of any cause but the end of his own career should be rejected.

  16. Can’t wait to hear the Blind Melon/Brian Wilson collaboration


  17. trigmogigmo

    Interesting. An email exchange yesterday had someone else saying something to the effect of “not a Waters fan, but he is a great vocalist when compared to Eddie Vedder” which I take it means Vedder performed and, well.

    I can take or leave Waters’ singing, but the overall result, at least with Floyd, was outstanding.

  18. trigmogigmo

    If anyone knows where this is online, please point to it!

  19. Who was the Lou Gramm guy singing the Gilmour vocal parts? I found him incredibly distracting and not bland enough to deliver those songs as they are meant to be sung.

  20. Hey, I’m just watching this now (see clip added to this post). This is a totally fine take-off on “Helter Skelter” – and not too far from what Nirvana might have done if Cobain were alive and had a chance to jam with McCartney. Amazing.

    What’s that Bo Diddley slide banjo Paul is playing?

  21. jeangray

    Uh, hello…

    Weren’t you the one that said worst idea ever???

  22. sammymaudlin

    I have the same questions. What was that thing Paul was playing% It had a cool sound and he rocked it more than anything I’ve heard him play in, oh, 25 years.

  23. He was in good scream last night — I just wish he would do “Old Siam Sir” !

  24. alexmagic

    That thing he was playing for the Nirvana part of his performance was a cigar box guitar.

  25. I read some where that it was was actually a cigarbox dobro. Not sure if that was was bullshit or just extreme hair splitting…

  26. I noticed the beard competition! I hung and hung and hung and then went to bed as soon as I saw Jake Jill-in-Hall wearing Garth Hudson’s beard around 11:45.

    Glad the Paul clip is now posted. Looking forward to watching it later tonight.

  27. Didn’t look it up or anything, but wasn’t that the guy that teamed up with Santana on that huge hit “Smooth” ten years ago?

  28. Who high-fived that remark?

    I did say that, and I stand by the notion that it was a terrible idea. In practice, however, it was fine and fun. Two totally different situations. I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

    Please high five this response if you admire my consistency and integrity.

  29. Only saw bits of this show. The McCartney thing was pretty good, I missed that. I hate Roger Waters solo; I agree, he is tuneless and dull and I’d like to hear Eddie V without that angry, shaking vocal thing. Water’s Gilmour stand in was not Rob Thomas, although that would have been amusing. And Bruce was his normal, solid self and he made Jon BonJovi sound like a weakling. My wife even said, “why is BonJovi so quiet?”. Lastly, where was U2? They always show up for glory events like this. Did Hurricane Sandy blow Spiderman right off Broadway and into the orchestra pit?

  30. misterioso

    I kinda admire Waters too, grudgingly, but that was dullsville and could only have been redeemed by his smacking that Eddie Vedder in the mouth.

  31. misterioso

    “Err, Billy, we appreciate the offer and all, but we gotta draw the line somewhere…”

  32. jeangray

    Might as well have been.

    But that dude would never let his hair grow that long.

  33. jeangray

    I wondered about U2 as well. I can only hope that perhaps they have finally worn out their welcome. Their stock is pretty weak right now. Spider-Man did them no favors.

  34. jeangray

    One thought that struck me whilst I viewed the show was mortality. Most of those acts are not long for the stage & I wonder who will replace them when they leave this mortal veil?

    Bon Jovi, Vedder, Alycia Keys, Kayne, Chris Martin and even Michael Stipe — not a one of them seems up for the task of filling those Classic Rawk shoes.

  35. I think my lack of love for Billy Joel is well documented in these Halls, but if I were running charity event, especially one that was centered on the North East corridor, I would absolutely have him as one of the headliners because my dream line up of the Replacements, the Plimsouls and Guided By Voices would likely bring in a total of $500. This thing had nothing to do with music. Just like with movies, mass appeal has nothing to do with “the best”, it’s all about “the least offensive to the most amount of people.” That’s why if I were financing a movie, I would make sure that Will Smith or Tom Cruise was staring in it, even though the only movie I’ve ever really liked by either of them is Risky Business.

  36. alexmagic

    Kid Rock leaned back in his chair, staring at the monitor bank and the images it presented of Classic Rock’s fading titans. “Soon,” he said, before taking a pull from his terrible vanity craft beer. “So very, very soon.” Also he had a dumb hat on.

  37. alexmagic

    I’ll say this for him, in the spirit of charity: his voice is in great shape.

    I hate everything said voice has and will ever be used for, but it’s in great shape.

  38. BigSteve

    The clip is now blocked, but what the hell was Krist Novoselic wearing? Did Courtney pick the outfit out for him so he would Look ridiculous. He didn’t seem to be having fun, but maybe that was just his Punk face so he wouldn’t seem to be sucking up to Paul.

  39. Is Novoselic one of those punkers who now owns a vineyard or something high class like that? I could see him owning a vineyard.

    Pat Smear now looks like the offspring of Fred Armisen and Patton Oswalt. But what’s wrong with that?

  40. How would YOU like to be the one to tell Sir Paul that you’ve got bass guitar, he can play that box over in corner?
    I think Novoselic is a politician or something in Washington State.

  41. BigSteve

    They reprised the song (which I agree is very Helter Skelterish) on Sat Nite Live. For the event Novoselic wore some kind of lid that came dangerously close to Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament’s early predilection for cat-in-the-hat headgear, which has been banished from PJ history. I don’t think the song tarnishes Nirvana’s legacy. It’s just kind of irrelevant.

  42. That was the strangest version of Silly Love Songs I’ve ever heard!

    You have to hand it to Paulie as he seemed a lot more relevant and rock & roll than a lot of the others (Bruce being the exception). The Who, the Stones, Roger Waters, and Billy Joel need to hang it up. Old codgers who are out of shape, can’t hit the notes, and look desperate. Even Mick, perpetually reviewed as in amazing shape for an XX year old now looks like a medical joke. He and Cher must share the same rib-removing surgeon.

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