May 102010

Damn! Check out Lou’s commanding stage presence in this clip! I can’t believe he doesn’t always sing unencumbered by a guitar!

I apologize in advance for asking you to choose among so many gripping moments, but which of Lou’s gestures most resonate for you?


  9 Responses to “Lou Reed…The Way His Music Was Meant to Be Delivered!”

  1. BigSteve

    If this is 1980, as the annotation on the clip suggests, Lou’s gestures and body English are very interesting, since this was right when he was set to marry Sylvia and become a hetero. You’re right, there’s a lot to choose from. I’ve got to go with slapping himself in the chest at 1:10.

    This would have been the end of the line for this band too, which had been with Lou for most of the 70s. (The Blue Mask would be his next album in 82.) Unfortunately for his fans at RTH, this is post Prakash John, but Lou had good taste in bassists. That’s Ellard ‘Moose’ Boles with the dandy cowboy hat.

  2. 2000 Man

    It sort of looks like a cross between Jane Fonda’s workout and an orchestra conductor.

  3. jeangray

    I like how he stamps his cigarette out on the stage at the begining of the song. Can you imagine someone doing that now-a-daze??

  4. Mr. Moderator

    The chest slap is also my favorite moment.

    Apt comparison, 2K!

    Do concert facilities allow performers to smoke onstage anymore? And think of the hit sales of Bic lighters have taken…

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    I dunno, I gotta go with the repeated chain-flush-pull moments throughout.

    Like you, Mod, I’m surprised we’ve not seen more of guitar-less “Man-Lou.” He’s pretty good.

  6. I saw Echo and the Bunnymen at the Keswick Theater a few weeks ago, and Ian McCulloch spent much of the show smoking.

    My favorite moves in this Lou Reed video start at about 2:30 and go to the very end. They make me think this version of Lou should’ve fronted that new version of Queen, not Paul Rodgers.

  7. BigSteve

    The fingers-under-the-chin move at 2:18 is pretty good too.

    I finally watched my recording of the recent RnR HoF concert at MSG last week. Lou played a song with Metallica. He really needs to stop wearing the tight t-shirt. He’s 68, you know? He’s starting to look like it should say ‘Ask Me About My Grandkids.’

  8. such an asshole.

  9. Next time you play golf, and somebody misses a putt, say “Nice read, Lou.” My foursome think that’s hilarious.

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