May 092010

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  3 Responses to “All-Star Jam: Mother’s Day Editon”

  1. Mr. Moderator

    My Mom is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to her knowledge of rock ‘n roll that’s beyond her era and tastes, but I was shocked to learn today that she knew who Frank Zappa was, even if she didn’t know he had been dead for some time.

  2. I’m reading that Drumbo book. Only about 60 pages in, but it is one of the most satisfying historical recountings ever. He goes to extraordinary lengths to verify even the most minute facts, laying out who recounted what, his opinion of the most likely truth and an explanation of how he arrived at his conclusions. Sometimes the writing is a little clumsy, but it doesn’t matter since he has such a compelling story to tell, even with many repeated exaggerations debunked. It reminds me of Dylan’s Chronicles, but way more detailed and complete.

  3. BigSteve

    Yes, I’m reading that too. It’s incredibly exhaustive (880 pages!). I don’t know how many pages I’ve read, but I’ve been reading a while, and French hasn’t even joined the Magic Band yet.

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