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Hey Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee?

I can’t meet a person named Luke – or talk to that same Luke for eternity – without thinking of this line from The Band classic “The Weight.” I’ve never met and may never meet an Anna Lee, so for me, the name Anna Lee does not count in this thread.

Is there a name in operation in your life – a name attached to people you actually meet – that you associate specifically with a particular line in a song?

This is NOT a Last Man Standing thread, so don’t start throwing out songs with names in them willy-nilly, like Maybelline. I may have to call bullshit on you if you tell me that you always think of the song “Maybelline” when you meet a Maybelline. If you really know a Maybelline, however, be my guest.


  7 Responses to “Luke and Other Names You Associate Specifically With a Line in a Song”

  1. misterioso

    Well, I am Armenian and work in the Armenian community, and the name Levon is quite common among Armenians. So you can perhaps well imagine that each time I talk to, email, or read about another Levon, in my head I hear Elton John’s voice: “Levon, Levon likes his munnay…” (Except that Armenians pronounce it Leh-von rather than Lee-von.) To date I haven’t bumped into anyone named Alvin Tostig, but, when that day comes, I know what song to have cued up in my head.

  2. Women named Rosie make me hum “Rosie, Won’t You Please Come Home” by The Kinks in my head. (but not Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC)

  3. I’ll venture to say there isn’t a person on this list who doesn’t see/meet a woman named Gloria and does’t spell it out. I know I have.

  4. BigSteve

    My best friend in high school went by the name Richie. He died way too young. He was in his forties, and one day he wasn’t feeling well, lay down on the couch, and he was gone before anyone knew to call for help. Aneurysm. To this day I think of him when I listen to Television’s Venus de Milo:

    Then Richie, Richie said
    Hey man let’s dress up like cops
    Think of what we could do
    But something, something, it said, you better not.

    Even though I now know he was talking about Richard Hell, I still get a slight pang.

  5. Moderator,

    I can’t contribute to this thread. I can’t play games, especially when there’s so much in my heart and soul that needs to be shared. I’d try and say it myself, but the words of Triumph do it so much better. Consider it my mission statement and hopefully it will become yours, and RTHs as well. Read it, feel it. live it.

    Music hold the secret,
    To know it can make you whole
    It’s not just a game of notes,
    It’s the sound inside your soul

    The magic of the melody
    Runs through you like a stream
    The notes the play flow through your head
    Like a dream
    Like a dream
    Like a dream

    I sing this song for the common man
    For the people in despair
    I bring my song into the world
    And I sing it everywhere
    The simple truth lies waiting here
    For everyone to share
    So hold on, and I will take you there
    Hold on and I will take you there

    The daily routine takes your soul,
    Lost without a trace
    It hold you down and turns you ’round
    And puts you in your place
    Another day, another dollar
    Another pretty face
    Another chance to lose yourself
    In the endless race

    Hold on, hold on to your dreams
    Hold on, even though it it seems
    Everyone around you has their little schemes
    Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams

    Can’t you feel the magic
    Feel it everywhere
    Can’t you hear the music
    There’s something in the air
    There’s a celebration
    Deep within a song
    Celebrate this feeling,
    You know it can’t be wrong

    Hold on, hold on to your dreams
    Hold on, even though it seems
    Everyone around you has their little schemes
    Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams

    Caught up in routine,
    You got to break it
    Time won’t wait for us,
    We got to make it
    Fate gives you the chance
    You’ve got to take it
    Take it
    Hold on

    Moderator and the whole RTH community, hold on to your dreams.

    E. Pluribus Gergely

  6. See it, feel it, live it.

  7. misterioso


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