Feb 122010

Congrats to mockcarr.


Other than the previous song, Red Tide, I can only think of one other tune about menstrual cycles. Though I’m sure there are others. Anyone?


  14 Responses to “Mystery Date Revealed: The Foxboro Hot Tubs aka Green Day”

  1. Wouldn’t have guessed it, but I like it. Very cool.

    “Baby better come back maybe next week, cause you see I’m on a losing streak!”

  2. “Boy you best pray I bleed real soon”

    Tori Amos – Silent All These Years.

    I had to look up the name of that song. I’m far too macho to know that off hand.

  3. Isn’t every Indigo Girls song about menstruation? At least as a sub-text.

  4. BigSteve

    I would never have guessed it, but I remember seeing the album cover and wondering what the hell it was.

    I just listened again, and I still like it. But then I like it when songs don’t go anywhere. It’s maybe a little better in conception than execution. The drummer drags the tempo a bit. Most drummers speed up when they come out of fills, but this guy slows down. I think that might be the lack of propulsion people are sensing.

    I definitely endorse Green Day trying new things, but the alternate identity thing has only ever worked for Chris Gaines.

  5. Mr. Moderator


  6. hrrundivbakshi

    BigSteve says:

    I definitely endorse Green Day trying new things, but the alternate identity thing has only ever worked for Chris Gaines.

    I say:


  7. sammymaudlin

    The Dukes of Stratosphear rocked the alternate id for me.

  8. Billy Joe Armstrong is the most inspired artist of our generation! His melodies are so immaculate and original, like a perfectly crafted ABBA pop song, only with the pure, youthful indignation of PUNK!!! He frequently challanges his audiance with evocative lyrics and fascinating, carefully performed and arranged music.

    Also, the guitar solo to 21 Guns is the the theme song to Full House! check it out!

  9. I am not a Green Day fan and never have been. They have always been too predictably FM pedestrian for me right from the get go. It’s no wonder this came off as insincere as it does. Next!

  10. I liked Green Day until the new record. It is such a nu-rock mess. I am sure one of the guys will quit soon now that they have a Broadway Musical and their own section in Hot Topics.

    foxboro hot tubs at least sounds like a band playing together and having fun, not like a corporate “what the teenagers want” One Tree Hill soundtrack.

  11. mockcarr

    I dig Green Day, and this is a good excuse for them to change the settings on their instruments.

  12. mockcarr

    Jungleland2, I’ve rarely liked their ballads which always seem to be the songs that actually get popular. I think they’re excellent at crafting three chord riff-driven rock songs, though they didn’t vary their sound much until recently and I really wished there was some alternative production to change things up occasionally. But this lp is kind of an adjustment, since apparently Armstrong took piano lessons and wrote some of this stuff on it.

  13. mockcarr

    By that I mean 21st Century Breakdown. Ah, whatever.

  14. Now I know why I’m sure I’d heard it before. The Undergroud Garage channel on Sirius/XM plays Foxboro Hot Tubs tunes every now and then.

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