Jan 192012

Breaking news, courtesy of Townsman diskojoe (and his friend), who writes:

A friend of mine sent me the following link to an interview of ZZ Top by Andy Kershaw of the BBC in 1987 & there’s something interesting @ the 4:50-5:00 mark when the drummer, the beardless one named Beard was asked why they didn’t tour outside the US:


Prior to that.

Perhaps the first RTH post directly on the subject.


  4 Responses to “New Evidence That ZZ Top Really Did Tour With Livestock (or That They Were Really Committed to Continuing This Hoax)”

  1. BigSteve

    Talk is cheap.

  2. I thought we settled this long ago. It was a great show. Pink Floyd did the same thing except their animals were inflatable. Really, it’s true.

  3. cherguevara

    Dang, what do you want, Billy Gibbons’ long-form birth certificate?

  4. Its here the evidence you have been seeking. A TV report on the set up and performance of a Worldwide Texas Tour gig, including filmed evidence of snake, vulture and other animals on stage. No joke,. this is the real deal. Watch from 3.15 onwards


    What dya have to say about this amazing find, Mr Sceptical Mod??? 😉

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