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I just finished watching the enjoyable and nostalgic documentary “Somewhere You Feel Free” about the making of Tom Petty’s Wildflowers. Some mindless related web surfing led me to this photo, supposedly from 1976, which was followed by more trails leading to various subjects like Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour (did you ever notice the striking similarity between the juicy guitar riffs of Twilley’s “I’m on Fire” and Petty’s “Strangered in the Night”?), Leon Russell and Denny Cordell (Shelter Records), Tom Leadon (Mudcrutch).

It’s obvious what set me off searching for more information: Who the heck is the extra dude in this photo, standing next to Petty and wearing the perhaps silk Japanese baseball jacket or kimono? It sure looks like an official band photoshoot, but it could be an interloper, guest, or studio collaborator. I found no answers (it’s surely none of the above-mentioned people) and no mention of there ever having briefly been a 5th Heartbreaker.

Townspeople, can we figure this out? There’s probably a simple answer rather than a big rock mystery.

One too many heartbreakers.

(L-R: Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Tom Petty, ?????, Ron Blair, Stan Lynch)

(Update — see later comment regarding this newly found photo.)


  11 Responses to “Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?”

  1. It’s Permy, the long-lost Wilbury.

  2. How embarrassed was Stan when he arrived at the studio and realized he had forgotten to put a shirt on before he threw is leather coat on?

  3. He looks familiar but like someone I’ve only seen in passing in a video or something. Is he a member of Night Ranger? The unholy lovechild of Kevin Cronin and Steve Lukather?

  4. Man, you are sending me down a major rabbit hole. And it feels great!

  5. Ha! Found it. Here’s the text from Pitchfork under that same photo. I prefer Permy.

    The Heartbreakers circa 1976, from left to right: Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Petty, brief member Jeff Jourard, Ron Blair, and Stan Lynch. (Photo by Ed Caraeff/Getty) Ed Caraeff/Getty Images

  6. Sweet find, chickenfrank! It turns out that Jeff when onto The Motels. I saw some article that mentioned that he’s actually credited as having played on “Breakdown” and some other song from the first Petty album.

    There’s a thread we’ve never done: Guys Who Just Missed It.
    Pete Best
    Jeff Jourard
    Dick Taylor, who founded The Pretty Things but who started with the Rolling Stones

  7. trigmogigmo

    Great work, chickenfrank! I’ve even read the Zanes bio on Petty, and don’t recall mention of this historical detail.

    Interesting to search for info on Jeff Jourard. There isn’t much. The Jourards are also from Gainsville, hence the early connection. He kind of started The Motels w/ Martha Davis a couple of years after this photo, but soon was replaced by her boyfriend on guitar before they took off. His brother Marty Jourard was a mainstay in that band (sax and keyboards). And later, after it was basically Martha Davis and Whoever The Record Producer Hired, for touring they filled the spot with former Stooge and future Heartbreaker touring sideman, Scott Thurston.

  8. trigmogigmo

    This just popped up on my Facebook feed — interesting stuff from Mike Campbell. And coincidentally, near the end he talks about a key vocal part by Phil Seymour, who I mentioned above. (No mention of Jeff Jourard.)

  9. Boy, does he sound an awful lot like Petty when he talks.

    Nice guitar part breakout.

  10. Very cool Mike Campbell video. Aside from the deedley dee part towards the end, he makes it seem pretty easy.

  11. trigmogigmo

    The coincidences continue: just posted by the official TP&HB account, another, different, band promo photo with this line-up, before the “Heartbreakers” name was thankfully settled upon.

    “Nightro lasted for about 24 hours….we all hated it.”

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