Nov 052021

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Skunk Baxter, Jay Ferguson, Bob Welch and members of Spirit, the Doobie Brothers, REO Speedwagon, the Knack, Heart, and Manassas did a bunch of blow and then plugged in the old guitars and just fucking went for it? Me too! I’ll bet it would look a little something like this…


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  9 Responses to “Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!”

  1. Surprising how thoroughly scripted and detailed that thing is. My favorite moment is the “Skunk Walk” dance moves accompanying the percussion solo starting at 2:09. Hang in, he does get a second little feature that tops his initial shot.

    I think “I Got a Line on You” is a great record and the fact that it was not an absolute staple of the “Classic Rock” format is a true indictment of the narrowcasting of that format.

  2. Good eye on the Skunk Walk. And I like the song too. This version just took a lot out of me.

  3. It was extremely competent, but definitely not an upgrade.

  4. TIL Jay Ferguson composed the theme song to “The Office.”

  5. I had no idea, Scott. Interesting!

  6. Are we sure they are getting enough of a beat? There are only 2 drummers, 2 bongo players, and 3 other guys playing percussion. I like the outfits; the bare-chested space commander singer, the guy inspired by John Candy’s Queen Haters on drums, the middle school music teacher at his retirement party wearing his cray-zee yellow musical notation shirt going at the tambourine. A guy in full black leather, and a guy in full orange pleather.

    What the hell is Skunk doing? He gets a chair to start, and hops up when inspired? When the other guy does a solo, he’s right up in his face trying to summon demons out of the guitar. I think I’d tell Skunk to sit the fuck back down.

  7. BigSteve

    I finally got around to watching the video. Good lord. It would take more than a bunch of blow to get me that animated while miming to a pre-recorded track. That’s actually all of the original members of Spirit, surrounded by … friends of the band?

  8. 2000 Man

    I’ve ruined a lot of days for other people with that clip. If you’re talking to die hard Springsteen fans and you tell them that is the inspiration for the E Street Band, they take you seriously and get real mad. I don’t know how you could take that seriously, but they do.

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