Mar 222010

As a coda to all of this, let me say that I think that Martin Belmont’s career over the long haul is interesting. Ducks Deluxe was certainly on the rock end of the pub rock spectrum, and The Rumour didn’t really have much country flavouring. But after The Rumour he played with Carlene Carter and Nick Lowe’s Cowboy Outfit. As he says in the interview his current work as a sideman is with artists who are country/western swing/rockabilly, and his recent album The Guest List is definitely much more Bees Make Honey/Eggs Over Easy than Dr. Feelgood. Some musicians evolve over time as taste – their own and others’ – evolves. Some become more themselves over time. Sometimes they just keep doing what they’re doing. Some say what they have to say and get out. Sometimes they change music, and sometimes the music changes them.

Country & Western (England & London, respectively)

Country & Western (England & London, respectively)

  5 Responses to “Pub Rock Also-Rans Pt. 4: Ducks Deluxe”

  1. Mr. Moderator

    Very cool, BigSteve! I was playing my boys disc 1 of the Stiff box set Friday night, and Tyla Gang’s “Styofoam” was a highlight. I like the way this whole story builds. I need to pick up some more Tyla Gang stuff. The best stuff from them and Ducks Deluxe somehow sounds like what New York Dolls were supposed to sound like yet frequently did not. If that makes any sense… Anyhow, this series explains a lot about my life that I never really put together in any detail:)

  2. BigSteve

    So I’ve apparently exhausted everyone else’s interest in pub rock? I wasn’t even done with this series yet.

  3. Mr. Moderator

    You haven’t exhausted my interest. It’s been a pretty slow week for comments. I’m guessing Townspeople are merely stunned by some of the fine posts that have gone up in recent days.

  4. Mine either. I really like the tunes and history.

  5. I totally dug your post, and the selections you included. I think it’s the nature of Pub Rock that it doesn’t promote much in the way of extreme opinions! Like a well-made meatloaf, it’s delicious to eat, but doesn’t leave much to talk about. Keep them coming.

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