Jun 182012

So much promise, so much love…on Paul McCartney‘s 70th birthday I choose to remember the better days, not the painful ones. What’s your favorite Paul McCartney moment?


  26 Responses to “Remembering Better Times on Paul’s 70th Birthday”

  1. diskojoe

    One of my birthday presents was the new remastered version of Ram (2-CD version) which was good. I also have Band on the Run, which was an enjoyable surprise.

    Happy Birthday Sir Paul from someone who was born when you were about to hit 20.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    You crazy.

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    Before he went COMPLETELY BAT-SHIT FUCKING INSANE, I thought his SNL collaboration on professional idiot Adam Sandler’s “Red Hooded Sweatshirt” was pretty funny.

  4. Having a gal sell me her mom’s LP of Back to the Egg for my ice cream money (25 cents!) in 8th grade. Then taking it home and hearing “Arrow Through Me” and realizing that was the great song I loved from the Chevy Chase/Benji flick “Oh! Heavenly Dog.”

  5. Happiness Stan

    Seeing him and Linda overtaking us between Fairlight and Rye on the A259 in her bright pink Mini, must have been about 1980/81-ish.

  6. You got overtaken by a Mini?

  7. The first Wings album I bought with my own money was London Town — I loved it then — and still have a big soft spot for it. A fan video of Deliver Your Children has some nice family pix:

  8. cherguevara

    Another “Back to the Egg” fan here. I had purchased many records by that time, but it was the first purchase after I had saved for my 1st “real” turntable.

    When I was little, I used to take a book out of the Philly library constantly. It showed how records were made, with Wings in the studio and then off to the pressing plant. I pored over this book for hours. I’d love to find a copy of it again, if anybody knows it. I find it impossible to search for, as the only search terms I can think of are things like, “McCartney, book, record, pressing” and so forth, which brings up pretty much anything.

    Paul is still my favorite Beatles and I’m not shy about saying so.

  9. Suburban kid

    “one-two-three-fuck” at the beginning of I Saw Her standing There, the first ever record (B-side of “….Hand”) in my collection.

  10. machinery

    Meeting him while I was in my mum’s womb. He seemed very nice.

  11. machinery

    And Paul and Linda on the Simpsons … perfect.

  12. machinery

    Better yet! Paul with Chris Farley on SNL. More perfect.

  13. Suburban kid

    that was awesome

  14. I think my fave Macca moment is really the period of 68-70 where he single-handily carried the “Lennon/McCartney” load. I don’t know if John ever admitted it, but Paulie made him a ton of dough in the later years.

  15. diskojoe

    Here’s the video for the title track. I think that Victor Splinetti (sic!) is in it:


  16. 2000 Man

    I heard Uncle Albert today. I like Paul’s early solo stuff. I think I like it more than most Beatles stuff. Uncle Albert is a weird song. Has a weirder song ever hit number 1 in the US? You can’t exactly dance to it and if it tells a story, who the hell knows what that story is? I think maybe I’ll check out that reissue of Ram.

  17. Favorite Paul moment is finally seeing him in concert at the Wells Fargo Center in 2010. Only time I’ve gottten to see a Beatle, and he delivered big time.

  18. misterioso

    I totally agree. I’ve known that song almost my whole life, it’s one of the earliest songs I remember liking. It was only within the past 10 years or so that I realized how utterly weird it is and how un-Top 40.

  19. misterioso

    Hated by some, loved by me: “With a Little Luck.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFqKN8yhA54&feature=fvwrel

  20. trigmogigmo

    Pure gold.

  21. Borrowing the “Band on the Run” LP from the town library, and listening to it with headphones (the best way to sidestep my dad’s jerky comments on any pop music he might catch me enjoying) on the family’s console stereo.

  22. trigmogigmo

    Wings over America … triple disc live album. Not an awesome band, but a good job from Paul for his post-Beatles touring rebirth.

  23. Top 10 Mac Moments:
    1. Golden Slumbers
    2. Jet
    3. Bridge in A Day in the Life
    4. Bass playing on Rain
    5. Helter Skelter
    6. Mother Nature’s Son
    7. Band on the Run
    8. Hey Jude
    9. I’ve Got A Feeling
    10. Let It Be

  24. A lot of great moments have been recounted here. I like dr john’s list, which captures many of my top moments. Driving into work today I listened to “It’s All Too Much,” with what I believe may be the most dominant bass guitar performance on record, the Secretariat’s 33-length Belmont Stakes victory of bass guitar, if you will.

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