RIP R. B. Greaves

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Oct 032012

I noticed a post by Townsman Buskirk that R. B. Greaves has gone on to his ultimate reward. I honestly don’t know anything by him except the most excellent “Take a Letter Maria,” a song covered by RTH All-Stars Nixon’s Head (whose version, by the way, is preferred by my 5 year old, no disrespect to the recently departed intended). Based on that one song alone, I suggest that he was a GREAT man.

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  14 Responses to “RIP R. B. Greaves”

  1. What, no official RTH tribute?

  2. ladymisskirroyale

    Gents, could you post that Nixon’s Head cover?

  3. The Official RTH Eulogy has been added. I’ve got a cold and went to bed at 8:45 last night, WELL before my normal bedtime.

    ladymiss, I’ll see if I can load the Head cover later today. Coincidentally, earlier this week, with no knowledge of Greaves’ health, I had been writing something that tied into that song. I’m hopeful I’ll polish up my thoughts at some point today and share them as well. Thanks.

  4. I forgot to mention in the original post that he was the nephew of Sam Cooke.

    Also, if there is a better song advocating for sexual harassment in the workplace, I’d like to hear it.

  5. bostonhistorian

    There’s a Dictaphone joke somewhere in there…

  6. misterioso

    I always have thought “Take a Letter, Maria,” was a great song and I was saddened to read Greaves’ obit the other morning. Duly noting my White Man’s Assumptions, I was surprised to see that Greaves was black! Why was I surprised? Damned if I know. He doesn’t sound “black enough” for me? The bullfighting horns threw me off? I think, too, there is the fact that I have always fused this song and singer with “My Maria” by B.W. Stevenson, which actually came out a few years later. Of course, now I’m assuming B.W. was white. I haven’t checked on that yet. I like both songs, though. Anyway, I am sure both were (or are, if Stevenson is alive) Great Men.

  7. In other news, Motown songwriter & producer, Frank Wilson, has died:,0,2467483.story

  8. Yikes! Something kooky is happening when I try to post links here! Looked to me like the NY Times link wouldn’t post, so I tried the L.A. Times obit. Sorry about the redundancies!

  9. I was starting to worry I didn’t know there were multiple Frank Wilsons – and that they all died at once!

  10. This happened to me with the Oedipus thing, too. Any way to get rid of the first two?

  11. Yes, I can delete them. For some reason a couple of your posts on Oedipus got flagged in our spam filter. Then I released them, not knowing that you had already gotten one through. I wonder if the spam filter was afraid you were posting Oedipal porn.

  12. A song that I really, really love. Always like hearing it on the radio. RIP…

  13. Is it “A guy walked into my office and said ‘Can I use your Dictaphone?’ and I said “No, use your finger like everyone else.'”?

  14. Until I saw the obit, I thought Greaves was Hispanic. Maybe the horns threw me off too.

    Stevenson died in the 80’s and looked a bit like Charlie Daniels. He also wrote Shambala, the only song by 3 dog night that I can stomach. And after noticing that his drummer had a great feel, I looked it up and it turns out it was one of my all time favorites, Jim Gordon.

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