Feb 202009

Recently a Townsman complained of the difficulty in confronting a couple of images that have graced The Main Stage this week. To rectify the situation and restore a touch of class to our hallowed halls, it’s time we present another image from the General Slocum Collection. Enjoy!

Courtesy of General Slocum.

  6 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Rock Fan Artwork Appreciation: Jimi Hendrix, A Touch of Blue

  1. Now THAT’S an album cover. None of those dirty, sloppy looking naked hippy chicks like on the original Electric Ladyland LP.
    These dames got class! I LIKE IT!

  2. saturnismine

    nice work, slocum!

    i’ll take the brunette with her back to me.

    btw, having to choose between cream songs like this is fucking with my head. it’s about as fun as choosing between Italian and Vinaigrette.

  3. Yeah, And neither one is ‘White Room’; the Creamy Ranch of,…er, CREAM.

  4. Oh, brother. Youse guys…

    Who knew the June Taylor Dancers were such Hendrix aficionados?

  5. 2000 Man

    Hollyh, you wouldn’t happen to be a Kinks fan that hung around a couch once and awhile, would you?

  6. 2000man, What kind of question is that to ask hollyh? How about you? You the guy that liked The Yardbirds and hung around rest stop b-rooms every so often?

Apr 042008

Here’s an original work of rock fan artwork by our very own Townsman General Slocum. Wish I’d remembered to post this as part of our recent Rock Town Hall Sells Out day. Enjoy!

Courtesy of General Slocum.

  4 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Rock Fan Artwork Appreciation: Kraftwerk”

  1. General, have you ever heard R. Stevie Moore’s unsolicited commercial for TRANS-EUROPE EXPRESS?

  2. This is nice, I wish it was higher resolution so I could print it out larger. You know, I can’t resist pointing out that EMI and Decca were rivals, and Kraftwerk were signed to EMI. The random thing I associate with this album is the conversation I had with the sales clerk who rang it up. He commented it was the most natural photo of them one was going to see, and that he had a sighting of them once, drinking in a bar in Germany, where he was on tour with his band, the Executive Slacks. Not much of a story, waddaya want for free?

  3. Mr. Moderator

    I’ll try to load up a higher resolution version tomorrow – or should I say when the sun is up. The second guy from the right keeps reminding me of SNL’s Wil Forte.

  4. Ah, Florian Schneider, or as my friend Matt used to call him, “Big Forehead Guy”.

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