Aug 162014


Sounds of the hall in roughly 33 1/3 minutes!


[Note: You can add Saturday Night Shut-In episodes to your iTunes by clicking here. The Rock Town Hall feed will enable you to easily download Saturday Night Shut-In episodes to your digital music player.]

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  2 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Saturday Night Shut-In: The Sons and Daughters of Stax”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    Great show, as always. It made me think of the kind of radio I would have liked to have heard (rather than Terry Jacks or other am radio schmaltz that I grew up with).

    Plus, those are pretty cool-looking record labels.

    Thanks for compiling such good stuff.

  2. I still need to go back and provide some detailed comments the second time through, but this was a rock solild episode. It’s funny that there was all this music with at least great ideas (if not all completely great) bubbling under the pop surface.

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