Jul 242010

REM’s Michael Stipe recently left a Not-Safe-For-Work voice message for The Back Office regarding this post from 2007.

Thanks for calling Michael!


  12 Responses to “RTH Mailbag: Voice Message from Michael Stipe – NSFW”

  1. Wow. Is HVB going into hiding now?

  2. misterioso

    I am shocked and stunned that anyone would have anything negative to say about Michael Stipe. Shocked. And stunned.

  3. Holy cow, he really seems to have a bee in his bonnet.

  4. junkintheyard

    Not a bit like Cagney.

  5. misterioso

    Not as much of a shiny, happy person as one might have thought.

  6. where’s my flashback friday you fuckin goldbrickers!

  7. Was he calling from The Tube Bar?

  8. sammymaudlin

    “Tube Bar” reference. I have never heard any of those recordings and haven’t thought about them since the advent of the internets. Now my Friday night is set.

  9. Sammy, after you check out the Tube Bar, head over here:


  10. sammymaudlin

    Will do. Thx cher.

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    Just wanted everybody to know that Michael and I sat down for a chai over the weekend, and everything’s cool. It’s funny — he had no idea I was so tight with the producers of “Project Runway.” For my part, I was more than a little surprised with his appreciation for the Bon Scott-era AC/DC catalog. Turns out REM almost included a cover of “What’s Next To the Moon” on “Monster.” I told him that would’ve been cool, and he nodded, sipping quietly.

  12. Mr. Moderator


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