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Sep 212015

Mick Jagger helps his old pal Don Henley sing a Tift Merritt song “Bramble Roaw” on his new Cass County album out this week. My first Stones record was Some Girls, and before I knew any of the backstory of the Stones and their dalliance with Gram Parsons, I was surprised by the stone country sound of “Far Away Eyes.” Now I always got the joke, but damn, I always enjoyed the song, and I’m sure it was one of the reasons I became more open to listening to my mom’s Johnny Cash records, and later fell into the rathole of alt-country for about 10 years. (Aside — a guy who worked at country station in Belle Fouche, SD, told me he almost got fired for playing “Eyes” in the early ’80s — he spun it once and only once.)

My question is — what songs would you put on a Stones, Jagger, Keef country compilation? Are there any country-tinged songs on solo records that are not well known for this compilation? In addition, I’ll offer up Mick’s “Evening Gown” above. Thanks for your ideas!


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  1. tonyola

    “Dear Doctor” from Beggar’s Banquet.

  2. BabaOLewie

    “Waiting on a Friend” from Tatoo You. Corny, but I like it.

  3. “You Got the Silver”

  4. Dead Flowers
    Also, is No Expectations “country” enough to make the cut?

  5. And Country Honk.

  6. misterioso

    I’m inclined to say “why is Mick working with Don freaking Henley,” but at this point, why bother.

  7. Has Nashville organized one of those cheesy affairs yet in which huge contemporary country stars cover a rock artist’s catalog and put together some telecast where the rock artists being embraced get to wear cowboy boots and the country artists do something “rocking,” like wrap a bandanna around their thigh? I know there was a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute along these lines. Probably one for Bon Jovi and/or Aerosmith too. As an offshoot question to this fine thread, What Stones songs (not necessarily country Stones) and contemporary country artists would come together for this star-studded affair? The rock song selection may work best if it serves as a “rockin'” commentary on or validation of the country artist.

  8. BabaOLewie

    Kenney Chesney sings “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll.” I really know nothing at all about Kenney Chesney, but I like his name, and I really like the idea of a country singer covering that song.

  9. misterioso

    I can hear a god-awful neo-country version of “Memory Motel.” I don’t want to, but I can hear it.

  10. misterioso

    While we’re at it, what is the deal with the bandanna around the thigh?

  11. Wild Horses is mandatory, but I’d choose Sweet Virginia.

  12. This is an excelllent start! Playlist is growing . . .

  13. There was a Beach Boys tribute about 10 years ago with country artists. It charted pretty well as I recall It was called Stars and Stripes Volume 1 and 2. I think it was pretty bad, I probably was stupid and bought one of them. Mike Love probably had his dark hand in the affair.

  14. I think authors call this logrolling — you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. I love Tift Merritt BTW so I am happy she is getting some dough out of these guys.

  15. tonyola

    “Torn and Frayed” from Exile on Main St.

  16. plasticsun

    I haven’t been on here for ages but here’s my two cents:
    We Had it All – a great Waylon Jennings cover recorded around Some Girls (I think it was included on the Some Girls remaster thingy last year) I actually prefer Keith’s croaky vocals to Waylon’s.

  17. That’s a nice “deep cut” I’ll have to find.

  18. tonyola

    So what are we going to call this Stones country album? My idea takes from a line in “Sweet Virginia” – Scrape the Shit.

  19. 2000 Man

    There’s a few on that bonus cd that are worthwhile. I’d include Do You Think I Really Care, their cover of Hank Williams’ You Win Again, and Claudine. I don’t know if Claudine is actually a country song because their country songs are usually a little more rock than anything else but Claudine always seemed like a country songs to me. Same with Factory Girl from Beggars Banquet. Sounds pretty country to me.

  20. BabaOLewie

    Awesome. I think that ties in somehow to the Abba boot-wearing thread.

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