Jan 312014

Ok, I am outing myself as the frequent 2-space-after-a-period miscreant. [NOTE: The linked thread was previously private and able to be seen only by the eyes of RTH thread authors. Those who are weak of heart may want to avoid this thread altogether. – Mr Mod.] I am willing to go public about my history and difficulties with following the Mr. Moderator Rules of Spacing After Periods. I am willing to do this to

  1. Be transparent in this day and age of taking ownership for one’s public faux pas
  2. Promote further discussion and/or
  3. Incite a revolution.

For the years I have been writing for this blog, Mod has been bugging me off line about seeing the error of my ways, and calmly correcting my posts. Little did I know that Mr. Royale, in a very well kept to himself breach of marital fidelity, has been siding with Mod all along.

But enough of the Grammar and Punctuation Police.

How would this tight-ass set of rules—I mean common—understanding of spacing and punctuation, relate to the World of Rock?

Are there some Rules of Rock that you learned back in the day and now find out are just so outdated? Is there a (tight-ass) set of Rules of Rock that are just meant to be broken? Is there some band/musician/style of music/song that has helped you see the error of your ways?

I look forward to your responses.


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