May 112020

In our first pandemic relief Dugout Chatter, Townsman chickenfrank proposed the following surprisingly previously unexplored topic for discussion:

One of my cable channels showed Quadrophenia recently. I was pleased to see that it really held up for me as a well-made movie. I played the original album later, and kept having mixed emotions as to whether the whole concept was brilliant or silly. Where does it fit among all their albums in terms of quality? Is it better than Tommy? Does it have too may forgettable songs? Is the remixed movie soundtrack better or worse, and even necessary? Just curious how others react to the 3 different available Quadrophenia products. I have a sneaky feeling this topic might have been beaten to death already on RTH, but too many years ago for me to remember!

Let’s have at it!

Nov 072011

The recent post about the critical downgrading of concept albums has been an interesting read, hasn’t it? One album that was proposed for a downward revision was The Who‘s Tommy. Now, stalwart RTHer machinery stated that record only has two (2) good cuts. I’m not about to go that far, but there is undeniably some filler. Perhaps it might be possible to cut Tommy down from a double album to a single. I’m personally somewhat skeptical about that since it would probably torpedo the storyline as well as leaving out some good music. However, some of you folks might have ideas on what should be trimmed to make Tommy a really strong single album, running somewhere in the 40- to 45-minute range. So get out your scissors and razor blades and have at it! What would you snip? The full track list follows…after the jump!

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Nov 062011

The challenge is rather simple. Which critically acclaimed album is overvalued and therefore in need of a rating downgrade? I ask for only 1 album per Townsperson. In this case it will be for late ’60s, early 70s “concept” albums. I use the term “concept” loosely here. A good starting point is somewhere around S.F. Sorrow or Freak Out!, all the way through to Ziggy Stardust give or take a couple years. Perhaps you may want to take on either Arthur, Ogden’s Nut Flake Gone, Forever Changes, or Sgt Pepper . For this exercise you are free to use, any Rolling Stone Album Guide, or whatever resource material in your library as long as it rates albums.

No easy targets
. It would be too simple to pick on some band or artist that you don’t care for personally. The challenge is to pick an artist/band you actually tolerate.


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