Jan 042014
Don't mess with Phil!

Don’t mess with Phil!

Phil Everly, the thinner, straight-haired, more severe-looking member of the Everly Brothers, has died at 74 of complications from COPD. I love the Everly Brothers the way I often don’t allow myself to love a group. Usually, for instance, once I love more than 5 songs by any artist I’m first introduced to through the radio and a double-album greatest hits collection (as was the case with the Everly Brothers), I obsessively read up on their history, buy a bunch of the albums, watch a documentary… This was never the case with the Everly Brothers. I simply loved hearing their music. Maybe the supposed bad blood between the brothers made me shy away from reading too deeply on them. I didn’t want to spoil the harmony in my head. Maybe all the references to country music I was likely to find seemed daunting. Maybe Phil, who may have been a saint of a guy for all I knew, simply scared me. He always looked like he’d bite John Fogerty’s head off if given the chance. Hell, I’ve never even seen that reunion concert video from the 1980s that Dave Edmunds, I believe, helped organize. (Maybe coincidentally, Edmunds is another artist I like a lot whose personal journey holds no interest for me.)

Anyhow, I think the Everly Brothers were fantastic. A few years ago I filled in the gaps in my greatest hits collection, with some tracks from albums they put out during their forgotten years. I did a Saturday Night Shut-In on this subject, almost 3 years ago to this date. You can revisit that episode here.

May 302012

Bad blood.

Townsman Sethro passed along the following topic for discussion:

Are there any brother acts in rock history who actually got along? The Bee Gees seemed to get along better than most, but most of the time you hear about The Everly Brothers, Oasis, The Kinks, etc and their constant fighting.

Happy sister acts or mixed brother-sister acts are also welcome for discussion.

Jan 182011

If some rock nerd ever challenges you to play Six Degress of The Everly Brothers with the ultimate throwdown of linking Phil and Don to a-ha, here’s your answer:

It turns out a-ha played this post-peak Everly Brothers’ gem, “Bowling Green,” on their farewell tour, in tribute to a-ha’s manager, Terry  Slater, who wrote the song! He’s not even from Kentucky—or America, for that matter!

Jan 152011


In tonight’s edition of Saturday Night Shut-In, Mr. Moderator will spend time with a collection of songs by The Everly Brothers, from their post-peak years of 1965 through 1972. It is not a well-known period in their career, but it did yield a few minor hits and songs that were otherwise brought to the public through cover versions, including Mr. Mod’s favorite Bryan Ferry solo cover, “The Price of Love.”

“I first became interested in this period of the brothers’ career,” said Mr. Moderator in a pre-show interview, “in the early ’80s, when I bought a double-album collection of their greatest hits on the Arista label, with some pink-themed cover. As I got into the post-‘Cathy’s Clown’ material on side 3 I became fascinated by efforts to update their sound. They still made for a pretty strong, second-rate mid-’60s band, although I don’t think these strengths were reflected in their record sales.”

“As a student of long-running failure and dashed dreams,” Mr. Mod continued, “I’ve continued to dig out tracks from this point in the Everly Brothers’ career. I’m rarely let down by the feelings of empathy that sweep over me.”

“I’m sorry,” he concluded our chat, “I’ve got a show to do.”

[audio:https://www.rocktownhall.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/RTH-Saturday-Night-Shut-In-11.mp3|titles=RTH Saturday Night Shut-In, episode 11]

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A video taste of the wilderness years most of us missed follows the jump!

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