Apr 032014

Just looking for a reality check here. I want to know which of these two rock vuh-deos possesses the greatest amount of:

a) Trendy, artsy coolness and what-not (warning: you may have to really think through that one before answering!)

b) Rock/hairy balls factor

c) Likely/proven rock “influence”

d) Shoe/boot and other important style superpowers

e) “Animality”

I look forward to your responses.


May 212012

There’s a lot to be said for throwing down a Last Man Standing challenge that results in more than 400 comments. Ask hrrundivbakshi and cdm how it feels to grab so much attention and respect in the Halls of Rock. Short of attempting to break the 400-comment mark, it’s sometimes fun to see if one can craft the most specific Last Man Standing topic, one that even the finest minds in rock discourse have trouble topping after 3 or 4 entries. In that spirit, I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with our most-exclusive challenge ever: Songs That Clearly Reference the Signature Harmony Guitar Solos in Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town.”

Songs that simply happen to have harmony solos will not be accepted. The harmony solos must be intentionally modeled after the harmony solos in “The Boys Are Back in Town.” Other Thin Lizzy songs that followed that hit may be acceptable; I’m willing to believe a band with so little to offer would have attempted to copy its most successful recording. However, these entries would have to follow “The Boys Are Back in Town,” and they would have to include instrumental passages that clearly ape the signature harmony solo in their signature song.

I can think of only 2 entries that satisfy these criteria. By the powers of the Hall, I cannot tell you what they are unless you first post them—one entry at a time. Now more than ever, don’t bogart this thread! If we come up with more than 2 entries that satisfy these criteria, I am willing to bet $5.00 that we do not come up with more than 5 entries, which may make this the most exclusive Last Man Standing ever. I know you people are smart, but I doubt even you are that smart.

Townspeople, put your brains to work!

Jul 162011

I was never a huge Thin Lizzy fan apart from their mighty fine singles — but these guys put on a pretty good show. I’m impressed how well they fair in a big setting. Any recos for stuff? Should I just make my own playlist via iTunes, song by song?

Jun 182009

I was listening to the “Cowboy Song” by Thin Lizzy yesterday and got to thinking about twin-guitar harmonies. It seemed like every hard rockin’ arena band from the ’70s had them, and then, sometime in the early ’80s, they abruptly fell out of favor, possibly due to Boston’s egregious overuse of the technique.

What I’m looking for is the best example of the technique.

To be clear, I’m not looking for the longest solo employing guitar harmonies or the most intricate. I’m looking for the one that most captures the spirit ’70s arena rock in all its bloated glory. My determination as to who has the belt will be both arbitrary and capricious. In the event that I can’t decide if an entry is the current winner, the matter will be decided by the first two people to vote in favor of, or against, the entry.

Just to get things started, I’ll say the “Cowboy Song,” but know that I have an Ace up my sleeve.


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