Sep 182012

Man, this guy needs a better place to record his video, but he’s killin’ it!


  8 Responses to “The Dulcimer Sounds of The Rolling Stones”

  1. The way the Stones were meant to sound! The way the dulcimer was meant to be played!

    Man, what a great fucking song that is! I’ve been thinking about this song in particular a lot of late. Screw you guys with your blackface deep cutz shit from Exile 🙂

  2. 2000 Man

    Hey, I’m all for the Exile deep cuts, but before they ever did Exile, they were already the Rolling Stones, and they had enough great songs to call it quits and still be as great as they are. That guy really gets that dulcimer going, though!

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    Check out Christopher O’Riley – his piano versions of Radiohead may be more palatable to the RTH fray.

    Here is Paranoid Android:

  4. BigSteve

    Looks like he’s still perfecting ways of making ceiling wax.

  5. 2000 Man

    I think it’s sealing wax. Which reminds me, one day I have to post a Japanese version of the lyrics to Get Off of My Cloud here.

  6. BigSteve

    I know, but when the song came out I had no idea what sealing wax was, so I thought he was singing ceiling wax. The ceiling in the clip looks waxy, doesn’t it?

  7. ohmstead

    Holy shit. Is he using a pedal effect (at 00:40)?

  8. Sounds like he’s got something on there.

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