Aug 172012

You know how a certain admittedly somewhat talented artist can grate on your nerves for reasons too deep to get into even here in the Halls of Rock, the safest haven for rock ‘n roll hang-ups on the Web? Think about the anguish that the perceived arrogance of XTC’s Andy Partridge causes our friend E. Pluribus Gergely. Clearly it’s personal. We’re not sure we ever want to get to the bottom of it.

The artist who brings out the worst in me for reasons I’m not ready to face is The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn. For that reason I find the following video the most satisfying Byrds performance I’ve ever seen. Egg on face. Enjoy…after the jump!


  8 Responses to “The Most Satisfying Byrds Performance I’ve Ever Seen!”

  1. BigSteve

    I think that woman’s commentary and analysis at the start of the clip that has finally opened your eyes to the wonders of the Byrds. I saw the Clarence White version of the band but I don’t remember. a percussionist .

  2. White is an interesting character — his music can be found on Sierra Records. I’ve always found the bluegrass, country, rock connection fascinating. This little promo video for SIerra’s catalog has some great photos and songs from White’s many bands and projects.

  3. Unfamiliar with Clarence White. RTH can be very educational. Where can one buy Sierra records? Do major record shops sell them? Or do you need to go an store? I’d love t check out Clarence White for myself. There is a video of him joining the Byrds on

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    Very funny Mr. Mod, but as much as I love The Byrds or whatever incarnation McGuinn has assemble here, this is unequivocally the most dramatic example of the band circling the drain.

    That being said the song Bugler sung by Clarence White on Farther Along is very, very fine song.

  5. BigSteve

    Another thing to watch out for in this clip is the opportunity to see White use the B-Bender:

    It’s a thing built into the guitar, a system of springs and levers inside the instrument, that bends the B string. If you watch the close-up on White right after the 3:00 point you can see him manipulating the strap button on the upper bout of the guitar to bend the string. I can’t imagine using that thing, or wanting to, but he and drummer Gene Parson invented it.

  6. Yeah. This performance was interminable.

  7. I made it to 6:18. Can someone tell me whether there’s a reason to continue?

  8. Mod, I’ve had just about enough of your monkeyshines, young man!

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