Nov 272010

Michael Fennelly’s Dugout Chatter

Rock Town Hall: Do you go to 11?

Michael Fennelly: Only when erect.

RTH: Who was the most memorable driver during your hitchhike from New Jersey to Los Angeles?

MF: A guy who scared the bejesus out of my buddy and me. We thought he was a potential ax murderer. At a gas station, when he left the car, my buddy and I got our army knives out of our duffles and strapped the sheaths on our belts. Then we scared the bejesus out of him. He suddenly changed his destination, and said “Well, this is as far as I can take you.”

RTH: Next to you, which musician had the best muttonchops?

MF: Steve Stills had some beauts…

RTH: Do you recall shooting a lip-synched performance of “Go Back” on a tv show called Something Else? If so, was host John Byner the least bit hip?

MF: The video of that is on my site, I believe. I don’t think we met Byner (nor, sadly, the Action Faction Dancers). The sea plane takeoff out of the water, from Catalina was very memorable… just made it up, as the plane felt it was gonna shatter from vibration…

RTH: Choose one: The Byrds or Buffalo Springfield?

MF: Buffalo Springfield—tragically underrated.

RTH: What musician from that late-’60s LA scene would you have most liked to play with?

MF: Me.


  3 Responses to “The Rock Town Hall Interview: Mystery Date Michael Fennelly of Crabby Appleton and The Millennium”

  1. BigSteve

    Interesting interview. The guy certainly does not lack self-assurance.

  2. Good interview, Mr Mod. You need to interview The Cyrkle!

  3. underthefloat

    Thanks for the write up Mr. Mod! I enjoyed it.
    I have the Crabby Appleton disc and enjoy it. Now I’m curious about this solo disc.
    Also, I’m a fan of The Millennium too. So, I appreciate it. Interesting that he says Boetcher allowed for input from all on the project other then mixing his own voice up front.

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