Oct 142008

Matt Stairs, Professional Hitter

I did some quick research to see if I could identify the at-bat intro music of Phillies game-breaking pinch-hitter, Matt Stairs, Professional Hitter. As well as Dodgers’ manager Joe Torre has played the theme songs of his veteran bench players, Phils’ skipper Charlie Manuel grabbed the turntable and proved he is the DJ. Check out his killer selection after the jump!!!

The song is called “Glass Shatters”, by Disturbed. It’s best known as the intro theme music for Stairs lookalike, 6-time WWE champion Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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  1. sammymaudlin

    That’s a strong at-bat tune and could explain everything. But “lookalike…Austin?”

    As previously stated, this is his lookalike.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    Diskojoe and The Great 48, are your Sox gonna win this series or what? As much as I fear the possibility of my Phils going against them – provided the Phils close this series out, of course – I don’t know that we have any Townspeople from the Tampa area, and even they don’t care about the Rays, do they?

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    Townsman Mockcarr has learned to fear my ESBP over the years. Heed my words: Phillies over the Rays for the Series, in five.

  4. diskojoe

    Mr. Mod, I do have to admit that the Sox are in a tough spot, especially after what happened yesterday, although it’s not a tough a spot as what happened after 3 games in the 2004 ALCS. I can’t believe what happened w/Lester, although I wasn’t surprised about Jack White. I don’t know how Wakefield is going to be tonight. He could pitch a no-hitter or never get out of the 2nd inning. Also, the Sox need to have Ellsbury & Papi hit & not get outs. The Rays could well end up being the ’69 Mets of the 21st Century, so I’m disagreeing w/hrrundi, who should be spending his time listening to the VU.

  5. Mr. Moderator

    Way to use this thread as a spot to help Hrrundi!

    Day 4 of the Velvet Intervention will come, by the way.

  6. BigSteve

    Diskojoe wrote:

    Also, the Sox need to have Ellsbury & Papi hit & not get outs.

    I’ve always felt that hitting and not getting outs was essential for offensive production.

  7. dbuskirk

    I’m glad every one is high-fiving here but I do admit the sports talk is a little alienating to me. Sports died for me with Bruiser Brody. Feel free to bond over beating me up if you have to…


  8. Am I the only A.D.D. sufferer that couldn’t help wondering what Mary Hart thought of each pitch as she sat behind home plate? And thought less of her (if that was possible) when her big wooden head was gone before the game was over.
    They should ban all celebrities from sitting behind the plate. There have been other games vs. the Sox when I’ve been fixated on how Trump or Giuliani reacted.

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    I’m no all-season baseballer; other than the games Townsman Mockcarr generously tekes me to, I mainly tune in at the end of the season. So forgive me if I’m missing some season-long controversy — BUT:

    WTF is up with all these exploding bats?! Is there a new bat manufacturer or something? I’ve watched just about every playoff game this post-season, and it’s ridiculous, how many plays have featured the broken bat thing. The last play I saw featured a third-base dude who literally had to duck to avoid a sharp, spiky chunk of wood, for (legitimate) fear that he’d be impaled by the damn thing. What gives? What was wrong with the old, largely non-shattering bats?


  10. BigSteve

    Hvb, batters decided maple bats felt better and there are now more maple bats than ash, even though maple shatters more easily. Here’s an article about the controversy:


    The players have resisted proposals to ban maple, even after serious injuries took place. As a guitarist, you know how players get sentimental about certain types of wood.

Feb 012007

David Byrne’s uptight, control-freak inclinations are well-documented. (I had the dubious pleasure of watching him curse out tech-crew guys at a show at the Merriam Theatre a few years ago.) Nevertheless, while I find his newish status as an indie-rock elder statesman a little weird – considering, among other things, how well Talking Heads integrated themselves into the mainstream in their time – it seems to have brought out a kinder, gentler Byrne to the public sphere. His blog is interesting, if at times long-winded, and his recent interviews show a person genuinely interested in answering the questions and even engaging the reporter in something resembling a conversation. The most recent example is in New York Magazine.

What do you think of pop music right now? Do you consider yourself a pop musician?
I still do! And I’m totally fine, actually, with pop music right now. I like Justin Timberlake’s song, and — what is it, Christina Aguilera, “Ain’t No Other Man”? A pop song for me has to be like a watch, perfectly constructed, and some are, and then some, like that Beyoncé one, “Irreplaceable,” there’s one point where she rhymes a word with itself, which to me is just jarring. It’s like, Wait a minute, you can’t do that! You have to find a word that sounds like it to rhyme! You can’t rhyme “you” with “you.” Anyway.

Does it bother you that many people’s first association with you is that time?
Obviously, I’d like it if people had a wider view of what I’ve been doing throughout my life, but I’m also pragmatic; I know that, to some extent, that was when the stuff I was doing had its widest impact.

Kinda makes me feel bad that most people can’t tell his post-Heads albums apart.


  One Response to “Critical Upgrade: David Byrne’s Personality”

  1. meanstom

    How long before he jams with CYHSY?

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