Jun 032011

Do we start with Pink Floyd?


Townsman trolleyvox and RockTownHall Labs bring you the following topic for discussion:

Which artist most consistently has produced better album art than the music contained therein?

There’s no need for fancy build up or explanation, is there? On with the discussion!


  26 Responses to “Which Artist Most Consistently Has Produced Better Album Art Than the Music Contained Therein?”

  1. Moody Blues

  2. Though I’ll probably get guff from the ProgRock set, Yes.

  3. I recognize that the value of art is subjective, but from where I sit, X’s first four albums are among the best rock records ever recorded. I wonder what the generally view of X is at this forum? I think they’re criminally overlooked, but I could be an outlier on that.

  4. I think the band’s first 3 albums are sterling and highly original. By the decent 4th album, I feel they ran their schtick into the ground. Attempts at changing their delivery thereafter, however, bored me to tears, at best. For my money they could play those first 3 albums in concert forever, sprinking in the few best songs from #4 and, if they must, one of those alt.country songs with the replacement guitarist.

    In short, cdm’s nuts!

  5. I know it’s not cool to say this, but although I don’t dislike the band, I much prefer some of the albums covers by The Minutemen to their music, which often leaves me wanting something more (not necessarily more song length).

    Surely I’ll come up with a better example I can stand behind, but them and a few other hardcore-era bands first came to mind.

  6. pudman13

    People will kill me for saying this, but I find the vocals so annoying (as with their 60s equivalent, Jefferson Airplane) that to me they are unlistenable, even though the music is very good.

  7. Here’s your guff. Yes was pretty great through Close To The Edge. Then they got spottier, still had some great moments until they decided to become the UK equivalent of Journey in the ’80s

  8. I can see how that could be a stumbling block. Once I found myself liking their vocals, however, I tried to apply that feeling, retroactively, to my intense hatred of the JA’s vocals (sweet-singing Marty Balin excluded). It has not really helped.

  9. I’d say the first few albums by X are pretty good.

  10. 2000 Man

    I love X, and I’m with you Hank Fan.

  11. BigSteve

    Yeah I’m with Hank Fan.

  12. 2000 Man

    Led Zeppelin.

  13. I am in between Hank Fan and Mr Mod. Once I got used to the weird harmonies, I realized how great X are. The first three album are among the greatest rock albums ever. And they are easily my favorite punk band. Album #4 is mostly ignorable, except for a couple of songs. Never really bothered with anything after that. “4th of July” tries way too hard to be “writerly.”

  14. anything on Tzadik…

  15. Charlie merits consideration. Also, I don’t know if Zwol ever put out enough albums with high-quality cover design : poor music to qualify, but the cover of his first one (with actual reflecting sunglasses) made him a promising contender for this eventual title.


  16. I listen to X every few years and always come to the same conclusion that they are lesser than the sum of their parts. It took about 2 decades for Raw Power to click so maybe I just need to wait it out.

  17. misterioso

    I’m with all of you–I experience major mood swings with X. One day they are one of the greatest bands of the era. Other days I am not interested at all. Perhaps medication would help.

  18. misterioso


  19. X harmonies remind me of Jefferson Airplane harmonies.

    4th of July is a Dave Alvin song.

  20. tonyola

    Grateful Dead, at least up to the late ’70s. Then the covers became blander.

  21. Styx. Lousy music but good album art in that a light prog sort of fashion. Loved this one as a kid, it folded out 3 or 4 ways:

  22. shawnkilroy

    hahahaha! agreed!

  23. shawnkilroy

    Molly Hatchet
    Iron Maiden
    Wendy O. Williams

  24. hrrundivbakshi


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