Mar 272014


This guy gets it! Do you? I mean, think about it. Deep down, you know this guy’s not wrong, don’t you?


  16 Responses to “Why I Love Vinyl Records”

  1. Timony? Come on. I suppose it is short for Antimony.

  2. I have the same sort of record shelves. Ikea. They are perfect for stacking records, which is fortunate, since I have not played one of my records in at least 5 years.

  3. His beard makes me want to punch him but his opinions on vinyl? Spot on.

    I fear I am turning into this guy at some level. I have no joy in buying cds and downloads anymore. I’m a vinyl snob now (sigh)

    It all happened so fast. In november 2013 I dug outthe vinyl and picked up a turntable for the first time since about 1995. I instantly transformed into this guy.

  4. 2000 Man

    I have those, too. I like them a lot. Which record haven’t you played in five years?

  5. 2000 Man

    I know what you mean. I especially like the line about how my listening to vinyl is what makes me better than you because you don’t listen to vinyl. But I don’t want to know a DJ. I knew a DJ and he sat around listening to music other people liked. I like music too much to do that.

  6. Good for you guys — the little vinyl that I do have is in storage. I have very little because some asshole stole my ENTIRE record collection in 1984 after a college party — while I was passed out on a couch. So I just started with over CDs . . .

    I will say that Neil’s Pono thing has me a little geeked up:

  7. 2000 Man

    I want to like Pono, but I think it’s kind of unnecessary. My mp3 player plays lossless files, and most people use their phones to listen to their music these days. I don’t think it’s gonna make it.

  8. You’re probably right — but I have SACDs and DVDAudio, and freaking Sony mini discs around the house too. I love to waste money, I guess.

  9. misterioso

    Thanks, that was pretty funny!

  10. hrrundivbakshi

    All I have to say is: any dude who claims that Thin Lizzy’s “Black Rose” changed his life is okay in my book.

  11. Like Timony, I imagine many people on this list would describe their music tastes as eclectic. I would.

    I just really wish there was another, better word for it.

  12. ladymisskirroyale

    THAT was a vinyl collection? Pretty sparse (like his beard) in my book…

  13. 2000 Man

    Wow, you guys have a lotta records, then. Those Expedits hold 75 or so per square, but he’s packed a little loose though (did I just say that?). He has more than I have, but did you ever notice when you look at someone else’ records they always have a whole shitload you’d have never bought?

  14. 2000 Man

    I don’t. I usually explain my musical tastes as noisy.

  15. ladymisskirroyale

    We don’t have much vinyl anymore (until I rescue more from my parents’ home), but our cds outnumber his vinyl.

    I’ve had friends who have walls-full of vinyl, but they worked in the record business or industry.

  16. 2000 Man

    OK, I didn’t see any cd’s in his collection, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. Mine are in a completely different place (places, actually). Records have their own room. If he doesn’t have any cd’s, then I’m a bigger hoarder then he is!

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