Dec 312007

One of the many super powers yielded by your very own The Back Office is the ability to review the internet search terms that resulted in hits to this digital rock refuge of ours. Sadly, it wasn’t until I started to put this together that I found out that the system only archives the previous 623 search terms, which isn’t even two weeks worth.

But still, here’s a choice selection from the previous 623:

painted boobs
how to write prog rock
“your mother should know” mono flanging
styx headband
same bat channel same bat time
kentonism definition
gwen stefani sex tape
rock stances
mike fingeroff
Frank Gorshin “Never Let Her Go”
stomach pump “rod stewart” controversy
kiss army jacket
Photonband Back Down to Earth (searched from Japan)
women 35 to50 want to suck dick
macrame belts
hippie posters, black lights, rock tees, kickass shoes
shittiest instrument
Red Skelton Roast
gene simmons satanic
peavey amp black moan snake
black oak arkansas tee shirt
martin newell’s friends
the motivations of the hippie movement
“earth wind & fire” tampax commercial
“Marlon Brando”
I hate Michael Stipe
neo labia pics exposure

Thank you for your attention.
The Back Office


  4 Responses to “You Are What You’re Searched: 2007”

  1. That was a lot of killing for hits! Um, web hits, that is. *groan*

  2. I’ve never wanted to hear a Tampax commercial before, but if Earth, Wind & Fire did one I wanna hear it.

  3. that one about 35 to 50 year old women was by me! sweet!

    I was disappointed when all I got was was one of hrrunbashiki’s Thrifty Music posts!

  4. Mr. Moderator

    Kpdexter makes a late claim for Post of the Year!

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