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Mar 032022

I’m not sure who the last man standing on this site but on the off chance that you are still here and not on other social media sites, please note that on Saturday March 19th, no less than 4 bands containing at least one townsman will be hitting the stage at the Fire (4th and Girard, Phila). The lineup includes Manayunk Homeboys featuring Geo; The Donuts featuring cdm, Chickenfrank, and long dormant townsman Sonny; Nixon’s Head featuring Chickenfrank Andy, Sethro, and Mr Mod; and the Cowpokes featuring one of our newest members, Garlicsalt. The show starts at 8. Come on down!

Jan 122022

Greetings Fellow Citizens,

Since it’s been quiet around here, it might be a good time for an All-Star Jam! Plug in your axe, take your amp off standby, grab your sticks, figure out which bass string is E and let this thread open the door to intelligent rock and roll discourse!

1. What do you think of this performance of “Let My Love Open the Door?” Do you have any comments on the song, the performance, the fashion choices or anything else?

2. You’ve been given the opportunity to form a band for your favorite underrated songwriter or singer/front-person. Who is the “star” and who is in the band? You want to put together a surprising yet appropriate group. What unlikely or never-considered musical collaboration would you put together?

3. Uh-oh, your favorite underrated songwriter turned out to be difficult to work with! You’ve decided to scrap that band and put together the worst possible band, just to be creatively vengeful. Who is in this band now?

4. Have you ever been to a show headlined by a known artist (ie not a “local” band) where the audience cleared out? Who was the artist and why did everyone leave?

5. What is the best guitar solo in the Beatles catalog?

6. Do accordions belong in rock music?

7. Odd meters (talking songs in 5, 7, etc): are they pretentious? Do you have a favorite song in an odd meter?

8. What have you been listening to lately? Have you found any interesting music that is new or new to you?

I look forward to your responses, citizens.

Dec 302021

I offer this video to anyone who happens to be a drummer and dentist and celebrating a birthday today. Why? The fantastic bass drum playing this guy does over his head! And the cameraperson’s strange fixation on Bob Seger’s dental hygiene for most of the video. Seger slinging a thunderbird?

Nov 292021

Seriously? Nobody is going to post about Get Back?

I’ve always felt like a Beatles neophyte around here. I only read my first Beatle book about 2 or 3 years ago, while some of you seem to have a wing of your personal libraries devoted to them. I don’t own all their albums. I haven’t even heard all of their songs despite the fact that they’re readily available on Spotify. But they’re the Beatles for chrissake! Even as a Stones guy I can admit that they had the greatest run of any band ever. And I’m enjoying the hell out of this unprecedented peek behind the curtain. Watching them make up songs on the spot that would go on to be so ubiquitous for the next half a century is fascinating, as is hearing them glibly sniffing around the idea of disbanding. This show is great and I can’t tell if everyone is too jaded to be impressed or has collectively moved to other platforms (I suspect the latter).

I’m only partly though the second episode but here are some of my observations so far:
– Mal Evans looks like an extra from the Benny Hill show;
– Magic Alex appears to be adding nothing of value;
– I’m increasingly nervous about the pressure being put on Glyn Johns to compensate for Magic Alex’s shenanigans;
– Michael Lindsey Hogg is terribly irritating;
– Yoko was very close to being rehabilitated in my mind but all that has now been erased. Good lord, she is the worst;
– Paul is somehow both the most annoying guy in the band and the most understanding guy in the band;
– After a solid 4 decades of being my least favorite Beatle, Ringo has emerged as my favorite. This isn’t based on Get Back alone. It’s been in the works for a while but even I’m not totally sure how I arrived here.

Anyone else care to chime in?

Nov 232021

As world leaders fly to Glasgow to talk about climate change and catch and spread COVID among themselves in one of the most highly infected corners of the world this week, I wonder if anyone can think of a more poignant and thought-provoking summation of the state of our world than this?


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