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What inspirational singer who came to prominence in the 1980s is missing from this Pearl Jam/U2 celebration of the Free World, as envisioned by The Godfather of Grunge? I’m thinking the inclusion of Michael Stipe would serve as the perfect bridge between Bono and Eddie Vedder.

Don’t let your answer to this question be the only use of this All-Star Jam space. Add your own verse; the more electric guitars strumming along the better!


  27 Responses to “All-Star Jam: All That’s Missing Is…?”

  1. Man, laughter is NOT good for my cough, but that was worth it!

  2. BigSteve

    Elliott Smith? Sadly it was not to be.

    Man, I hate when people rewrite lyrics to songs. Xmas carol parodies are the worst, but this clip proves that it’s always ill-advised.

  3. I just noticed that beginning at the 4:50 mark or so, as the solos kick in, Bono and Vedder hold hands and raise them high, in a show of solidarity. If I ever sing on stage again without holding a guitar, something I’ve almost never done before, can I call one of you up to hold hands with during the solo?

  4. misterioso

    Objectively, I know there are worse bands than Pearl Jam. And yet this does nothing to diminish the intensity of my contempt for them.

  5. BigSteve

    Only if by doing so we put an end to all poverty.

  6. You know, I never know much about Pearl Jam other than the fact that I find it hard to like them no matter how many “down-to-earth” rock ‘n roll values they espouse, but someone needs to do an analysis of the implications of the guitar slingers getting haircuts and wearing comfy sweaters all around the same time. I feel that may have been an overlooked-yet-significant moment in rock ‘n roll history.

  7. mockcarr

    My take is that his wife is more afraid of spit than vomit.

  8. alexmagic

    Wow, that’s amazing. They just stand there and hold that pose for a few seconds, too. Is there any precedent for that? Is there a name for it? Considering the public images of the two involved, if you pause it at around 4:51, it has the look of the two of them pulling a stereo crucifixion pose.

    If we can find at least one other instance of this happening, I think we need to name the move. I’m leaning toward naming it “Calling In The Calvary” to play up the rock martyr feeling it evokes.

    When they do break hands just after this, Vedder goes right into some classic, tasteful fake air guitar strumming, but what’s Bono doing, exactly? He just kind of stays in one spot with his left hand raised out, like he’s performing some kind of benediction.

    Mod, as to your request, I would participate if my own demands were met. Immediately upon being called up to stage, I should be handed a guitar, which I will then Holster. At this point, we can join hands (I will be on stage right), raise them and hit the pose for the solo. As soon as the solo ends, I will unholster, hand the guitar back to someone, give you a hearty handshake with two (2) backpats (you will do the same), throw a peace sign to the crowd and then exit the stage by means and direction of my own choosing.

  9. mockcarr

    Hey, maybe Ray is using the same hair dye as Paulie now – “Old Chestnut”!

  10. mockcarr

    Ending poverty but spreading disease. Some tradeoff…

  11. I’ll kick this cold by then!

  12. alexmagic

    Not to pince nez you, but the specific color of hair dye Paul uses is called “Love Songs Album Brown”.

  13. mockcarr

    I suppose the highlights WOULD be better with that one.

  14. I’m fine with your terms.

    I’ll continue to examine this move, and I definitely need to pay closer attention to its break. Thanks.

  15. I would suggest that when you shake hands, you do that Gladiator Shake where you each grab the other’s forearm instead of the hand. It’s more manly and will play better on a Jumbo-tron.

  16. alexmagic

    That the participants would be the Mod and myself means there would already be a conclusive display of manliness. To add a Gladiator Shake onto that would be gilding the lily, except way more manly.

    I specifically chose the handshake/backpat (the Three Quarter Shake) as part of my terms to create the illusion of emotional vulnerability that the intimidated audience would need to project onto us.

  17. Jeez, I finally watched the whole thing and those new lyrics might have actually convinced me to take a pro-poverty stance. I’m not even a Bono-hater but I feel like I have to get back at him for that somehow.

  18. You know, I actually thought of this Gladiator Shake comment earlier today, while being examined by my doctor. I coughed into my sleeve, as my kids’ generation have been taught to do, and then I realized, “If the Gladiator Shake ever caught on again we’d have to go back to coughing into our fists.” I don’t think the doctor saw me crack up a bit, in which case she might have examined more than my lungs.

  19. Mod, that’s known as the Vampire Cough.

  20. Weird. That’s a fine performance of what I still feel is a pretty boring song, but how can anyone cover “God” from John’s perspective? To cover that song you’ve got to take another step away and call it “Lennon,” adding him and Yoko to the list of things in which the singer no longer believes. I kept wondering if he’d sing the “Yoko and me” line and – SPOILER ALERT – sure enough he did! That’s weird.

  21. Actually, I think that was the one lyrics he changed. He sang “Wilco and me.”

    I think when you’re singing a song like this live — as opposed to covering it in the recording studio, which would be really pointless — it’s okay to sing it in John’s “voice.” Change the lyrics too much, and you’re too close to that dopey “Give Peace a Chance” remake from the ’91 Gulf War.

  22. If that’s what he said – I listened a couple of times but couldn’t be sure – then it’s not quite as weird. Again, it’s a nice version of the song, but I don’t think it’s a song available for others to cover, except maybe McCartney. Wouldn’t that have been a good move for SNL and iTunes promotions!

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