Dec 132010

I will go on record here and now and say that I really like this song, when U2 does it. I know it isn’t cool to like U2 and I’m not a big U2 fan at all and yes Bono frequently bugs blah, blah, blah. But I do like this song, when U2 does it. That’s the nice thing I can say about this performance.

What nice things can you say?


  14 Responses to “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice… About This U2 “Sing-Off” Performance”

  1. I think kids under five would really like this! It reminds me of the Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr.

    (I’ve had a thing Meredith Vieira since CBS’s West 57th — she still looks great)

  2. BigSteve

    They don’t let the cold weather affect their performance.

    Nice mix of ethnicities in the group.

  3. The combination of yellow hat and shirt with purple tie on the guy at the 1:08 mark is…nice.

  4. The dude at :45 has very sincere eyebrows.

  5. misterioso

    As far as can be discerned, none of the performers are knowingly engaging in cruelty to animals. I commend them for that.

  6. None of the performers is doing bong hits of salvia.

  7. They made me realize that we truly live in a post-racial society because I want to punch all of them in the face regardless of their race, creed, or sexual orientation.

  8. underthefloat

    The audience seems to be in peaceful, maybe stunned, daydreaming like state. I assume this performance gave them an opportunity to achieve this and perhaps reflect on life.

  9. ladymisskirroyale

    I, too, like the U2 version of this song. And it is only improved with those coordinated dance moves.

  10. ladymisskirroyale

    And they could be preparing to star in a Shake Weight commercial. Entrepreneurial!

  11. cherguevara

    I want to destroy those people. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  12. They complied with the recent RTH edict against future covers of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day!

  13. Funny you should mention that. I’ve been combing the covers database and so far the world is complying with our request.

  14. trigmogigmo

    The fact that they are lip-syncing is surprisingly well camouflaged!

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