Apr 142015


Can somebody explain Todd Rundgren to me?

I am a fan of some of his songs, but even the highly praised Something/Anything I’ve found to be uneven. A Wizard, A True Star is frustrating – sounds really weird but has some amazing moments. I’ve sometimes sensed maybe a mismatch between his musical concepts and his presentation of himself, that he’s basically an earthy guy whose visual image often is disconnected from his musical concepts, or he’s trying to force something. He is clearly extremely talented, his sense of melody and harmony can be amazing. But somehow, all together it has never really clicked for me beyond a song-by-song basis.

Apr 032015
Steve Marriott, wearing white sweater with rings across chest.

Steve Marriott, wearing white sweater with rings across chest.

It’s been a while since we cast a film, but with the news that Martin Freeman has been cast as Steve Marriott we have a real life opportunity on our hands! Who plays Kenny Jones? Ronnie Lane? Ian McLagan? How about Ian’s predecessor in the band, Jimmy Winston? Who else might appear as a character in this film?

Scanning Mariott’s Wiki page, I see names such as Marianne Faithful, Brian Epstein, Pete Townshend, Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton, and of course, a scene where Mariott auditions for the Rolling Stones! That’s a lot of casting.

Let’s start by casting the band, then see which other roles we can fill. I’ll start by nominating Danny Strong for the role of Kenney Jones.

Nov 242014

Hello Everyone,

I don’t really mean to be the primary instigator of Mystery Date posts, but I can’t help myself. I run across interesting things and I get curious to read what people have to say about them. [Dude…one never needs to apologize for launching a thread! – Mr. Mod]

Here’s a tune you might find interesting:

Give a listen! If you know what it is, then SHHH!! All regular Mystery Date rules apply…

Oct 142014

In the recent discussion of the music of Gordon Lightfoot, I made a reference to Jackson C. Frank, who released only 1 album, which was produced by Paul Simon (whose birthday just happened to pass).

The album leads off with his song, “Blues Run the Game.”

Although this song mentions the blues, it is not a blues song in its structure or style. But the blues do run this particular game of Last Man Standing: How many songs can we name that are about, or mention, the blues, although they are not actually in that genre? I can think of 4. Let’s see if you all can name those songs and more.

Sep 282014

Let’s review the ground rules here. The Mystery Date song is not necessarily something I believe to be good. So feel free to rip it or praise it. Rather the song is something of interest due to the artist, influences, time period… Your job is to decipher as much as you can about the artist without research. Who do you think it is? Or, Who do you think it sounds like? When do you think it was recorded? Etc…

If you know who it is, don’t spoil it for the rest. Anyone who knows it can play the “mockcarr option.” (And I’ve got a hunch at least one of you know this one.) This option is for those of you who just can’t hold your tongue and must let everyone know just how in-the-know you are by calling it. So if you know who it is and want everyone else to know that you know, email Mr. Moderator at mrmoderator [at] rocktownhall [dot] com. If correct we will post how brilliant you are in the Comments section.

The real test of strength though is to guess as close as possible without knowing. Ready, steady, go!

Mystery Date

Aug 142014

That’s right, I’m at it again with another Mystery Date! This one won’t be nearly as involved as the previous, as there isn’t much to say about this particular tune.

I’m not sure how good of a mystery this is, you won’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to crack it. At least three members of this band went on to other, more successful, musical enterprises. It won’t surprise me if your blind date ends at “Hello,” but try to stick it out a little bit. After all, you don’t want to hurt your Mystery Guest’s feelings, do you?

Give a listen – can you place the day, the time and any other details you care to note?



Let’s review the ground rules here…

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Aug 032014


We all know of some famous musical families: the Cash-Carters, the Marleys, the Coltranes, the Bachs and the Bachmans. Our Mystery Date comes to us from a lesser-known musical family, the Dinnings, whose musical legacy spans genres from jazz to country-western and bluegrass to rock’n’roll. It is also clear that their musical talent is accompanied by a dose of entrepreneurial spirit. Somehow, this subject piqued my interest, leading me to cobble together crumbs of information found on various web sites, so I cannot guarantee accuracy. Despite all I have found, I still know pretty much nothing about the Mystery Date herself, Sherry Dinning, and her song “Obion Bottom Land.” Who knows, maybe a member of the family will find this post and give us a bit more detail, correct some errors or even send us some music? What I do know is that Sherry is a member of the Dinning family… have you never heard of them? Maybe you know some of their music, read on.


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