Aug 202012


Friend of the Hall Martin Newell posted the following call from help on his message board, the Karma Scene, on the off chance that someone may have this item. Townspeople, can you help a brother out?

Hello music lovers,

I need to borrow a good cassette copy of In The Golden Autumn. (August 1983) This is because I need to digitise it to Wav Files for a forthcoming re-release. The actual master tape went missing about twenty years ago..and all I have are MP3s and CDs made from MP3s. But I know there are some reasonable first generation cassette copies out there. ………

Finally: How d’you know that it’s a first gen copy. It will be in a hand coloured thin paper cover, with the little girl depicted in a cornfield.
It’s probably on a plain black cassette with no on-body printing. There may be either FRAU 006 or a simply, 006 written in white chinograph pencil on one side of the tape.# If I find one in the meantime, I’ll post straight up and call off the search.

Anybody out there?

Jun 162012

The #1 song the day I was born was “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Ray Charles, which I think is pretty cool. I wonder if any other Townsman has a birthday song (ie, #1 on the charts on your birthdate) that’s any cooler. The only rule would be that it has to be the US Top 40 Chart for the US Townspeople or the UK Chart for people like Happiness Stan (no cross-referencing). (The same goes for Canadians, Australians, and so forth.)

If you don’t know the #1 hit song from the day you were born off the top of your head you can look it up here.


Over .500

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May 152012

What major rock acts, with 8 or more studio releases, have a “winning percentage” over .500 through the course of their career? In other words how many acts with 8 or more studio releases had more great–good albums than stinkers in their career? Only studio albums will be computed: no comps, no hits or outtakes collections, no live albums, etc. All eligible studio records released under the band’s name count, even those stinkers that may have been released following the departure/death of key members.

I would have to guess that the Beatles would probably be a rare act that hit close to 1.000 (ie, 100% great–good albums).

Oct 162009

For my first ever post here on The Main Stage, in the hallowed halls of RTH, I would like to present someone who has a lot more experience in taking the stage, Barrence Whitfield, as he takes us all for a video tour of the used record store that he works at here in the Witch City, Salem, MA: The Record Exchange.


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