Jun 262012

Ken Fox feels like bustin' loose!

This kid Fox was hot, too. I went home that night happy as a clam that the night’s bass players felt no need “lock in” with their drummers. They were there when the big beat called for it, don’t you worry. This review is in no way meant to suggest that I spent the evening watching Stanley Clarke and Les Claypool wanking off all night. DeCastro and Fox were bass players in all the right ways, but they weren’t afraid to add another element to their bands’ attacks.

Young bassists, if you ever hear that ’80s talk again about the importance of “locking in,” it’s up to you not to heed the call up. I won’t cause waves in the country music community, but rockers: always be there for your drummer, but don’t be square. You dig?


  3 Responses to “Freeda Bassist: The Fleshtones and Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 at Philadelphia’s North Star Bar”

  1. One thing I forgot to mention that’s of special interest to fellow Townspeople. Townsman Scott Rodgers got pulled from the crowd during the Fleshtones’ set and handed Ken’s bass to carry on a groove while Ken, Peter, Keith (who handed his guitar to the guitarist from the Plimsouls, I believe) walked out to the crowd and did push-ups.

  2. Bravo, Mr Mod. It needed to be said. I work with my son ( a bassist) on these very points

  3. A bassist could not ask for a better father, andyr. I encourage the parents of other bassists to forward this piece to their kids – or tweet it or whatever you do to communicate with your kids.

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