Nov 062009

The Soundtrack of My Would-Be Life

As we’ve contemplated Rock Town Hall’s MVJRP, some of you may have recalled our examination of the series of legendary Japanase tv ads starring Charles Bronson for the deodorant/talcum powder/sex aid Mandom. Well, at least that’s where my mind wandered. An extensive YouTube search for further Mandom ads turned up this most-shocking find, a hit song (in Japan) centered around the concept of Mandom. Check it out…after the jump!

The artist is Jerry Wallace, about whom I’ve learned a little. The song, as it was known and loved in Japan, is “Otoko no Sekai,” which I’ve read translates to “The World of the Man” but which was known to English-speaking fans as “Lovers of the World.” Can the sketchy facts really matter? This song and the accompanying “greatest hits” video say a lot about the world we live in, or should I say the world in which we can only hope to live…


  5 Responses to “Holy Sh*t! Mandom Has a Theme Song!”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Hey, Mod —

    If you and I both want to live in the world of Mandom, do we have to, you know, duke it out or anything? ‘Cause that’s a place I want to be.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    We’ll duke it out under the auspices of Mandom, Hrrundi, ’cause, you know, that’s what men do sometimes.

  3. Can more than 2 men live in Mandom? While the lyrics to the song suggest otherwise, Bronson is always alone in Mandom.

  4. sammymaudlin

    Which part of Mandom is this exactly?

  5. “All the girls in every landom” = greatest fucking lyric ever written by anyone anywhere ever.

    Which part of Mandom is this exactly?

    The BEST part!

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