Dec 072011

My wife seems capable of singing along with the lyrics to any song on the radio, even Elton John songs. I’ve always found him to be the most difficult singer to understand in rock, even more difficult to understand than David Bowie. Thank you, Volkswagen Passat.

In other rock-ad news, what’s your reaction to Devo doing those “Drink It” radio spots for Pepsi?

Finally, speaking of Pepsi, can anyone clear up if it was The Hawks or The Band playing on the following movie intermission ad?


  4 Responses to “Mad Props! to Volkswagen Passat Ad Featuring Elton John’s “Rocket Man””

  1. I saw this VW commercial tonight and thought the misheard lyric thing was slipped in nicely! It seems like any more emphasis and it would have been a bit too “LOL.”

    The “Drink It” commerical I like just because I’m fascinated when people manage to sell-out intentionally, which I think is actually very tough to do.

  2. I feel the same way on both points of view.

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    Double-reverse pince nez! It’s “Volkswagen.” What’s next — are you going to misspell “fahrvergnugen”?

  4. jeangray

    Acid refreshments! Nice.

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