Sep 302013

Between the stunning use of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” in the conclusion to Breaking Bad, the end of a painful baseball season for my team, the most lopsided loss by my football team since 1972, and my first viewing of the above Gap ad, yesterday was certainly a Blue Sunday. At least I’m not a fan of the New York Giants.

I’m long past the days of getting outraged by the use of popular music in ads and I’m rooting as hard as anyone for Dhani Harrison to finally reach his potential as a reborn Let It Be-era George, but can this Gap ad be his last tantalizing stalling move? The “kid” is 35. Isn’t it time he takes a big step forward?

Are you cool with Dhani Harrison playing his father's "For You Blue" on a Gap ad?

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Dec 072011

My wife seems capable of singing along with the lyrics to any song on the radio, even Elton John songs. I’ve always found him to be the most difficult singer to understand in rock, even more difficult to understand than David Bowie. Thank you, Volkswagen Passat.

In other rock-ad news, what’s your reaction to Devo doing those “Drink It” radio spots for Pepsi?

Finally, speaking of Pepsi, can anyone clear up if it was The Hawks or The Band playing on the following movie intermission ad?

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Oct 082011

Curious what the Hall feels about this little number—made exclusively to promote Sour Patch Kids. I, for one, think it’s brilliant. Someone posted that “selling out” is when you compromise your vision and skills for the paycheck. But I would argue that Method Man does no such thing here. Perfect in my ad-brain eyes for so many reasons. But also just for making a pretty awesome song that could live on any rap album.


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