Feb 182011

What if Bryan Ferry continued with his 1978-era beard? How might rock history have been changed?

Need more evidence of the potential effects of Bearded Ferry?

And how about this shocker?


  9 Responses to “Rock’ Unfulfilled Fashion Ideas: Bearded Ferry”

  1. meanstom

    I propose all Townsmen grow a beard until sammy’s back in action.

  2. I just read, Townsman meanstom, that one Townsman is shaving his beard. What if…?

  3. shawnkilroy

    i don’t really like beards.
    I REALLY don’t like beards with new wave hair.

  4. alexmagic

    I agree with kilroy that, if you’re going to go with a beard, you need to commit with the hair, too. Either longer or shorter. Ferry’s beard isn’t full enough to work, either.

    As to what would have happened had he stayed with this, I think it’s obvious: Bowie is forced to respond, and we witness Mutually Assured Beardstruction. Bowie, incidentally, has cultivated his own beard at points over the years. Any thoughts on that, Mod?

  5. Excellent analysis, alexmagic, as I knew you would provide.

    I forgot about Bearded Bowie. Tin Machine may have inspired one of those beards, right? Listen, there’s a major problem with any blond guy trying to grow a beard: YOU CAN’T SEE IT. Why bother? Take a look at Bearded Hall. Don’t you feel like passing him a napkin? Does the power of the beard ever emerge from all those pale tones?

  6. shawnkilroy

    Peter Hook ALMOST gets away with it, but not really.

  7. I appreciate the Bearded Ferry more than most of you. To me it was the next logical step after the Barry Gibb. No man can maintain that lion’s mane of hair that Barry was sporting. Bearded Ferry was a more practical, more dignified way of keeping the well-groomed beard in play. Didn’t Robert Palmer, pre-annoying phase, also work the beard with new wave hair? I think it had potential, and I think it would have done a lot to extend a warmer Ferry to the public. How many times do even Roxy Music fans stop and think, “Man, Ferry’s schtick is challenging now and then!” Bearded Ferry was a Ferry you could have a beer with, a Belgian beer, but a beer.

  8. BigSteve

    I like beards. I have had a beard since 1993. I believe all men have beards, and shaving is emasculation. So I’m in favor of any man who lets his man flag fly. You go, Bryan!

  9. Deek Langoustine

    I have been with my beard for 8 months now and I have come to the conclusion that going from “no-beard” to “with-beard” is a change in a state of mind as well as a fashion statement. I do trim my beard and I do have short-ish hair, but the trendy style of dress sported by Ferry, Bowie etc. is a deception. One part of those men’s pyche is lying to the other part of their pysche. It is a clear sign of change and/or internal conflict when someone like Brian Ferry grows a beard knowing full well that at some point he is going to don a garishly coloured suit and some make-up and then sing “Slave To Love”. When this happens, the artist should be treated with the tolerance and sensitivity that such an emotional experience deserves no matter how poor their musical output happens to be.

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