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Warning sign.

Artist Toby Wetland pulls no punches with his depiction of The Boss’ second fall. “Even with help, The Boss stumbled and fell to the ground once more,” explains the artist. “This time Julianne was the tipping point, but not – I stress – the sole cause of his fall.”

Bruce has seen death before, but now He can feel the profound weakness of disability and disease and aging itself, there on his knees, clutching onto the mic stand, under the weight of his Telecaster.

“Bruce Falls the Second Time,” Toby Wetland (2010).

Toby Wetland

  13 Responses to “Stations of The Boss, 7: Bruce Falls the Second Time”

  1. Mr. Moderator

    I just received an offlist message from a highly respected Townsman questioning my taste in continuing to run this series, especially during a very holy week. I’ve known all along that this series is in poor taste and that reviving it at this time was probably not a great idea, but I’ve justified doing so because of my target. If anyone’s not clear, my target is not Christianity but Springsteen and his worshippers.

    I grew up and still live in a hotbed of Boss Love. I don’t hate The Boss, nor do I hate his fans – some of my good friends love The Boss, etc. I simply feel that the amount of admiration given the guy’s work and the messianic way in which he’s extremely happy to portray himself is ripe for picking. Plus I get to demonstrate my poor PhotoShop skills, skills that should probably warrant Adobe to take away my license to use its software.

    So, I’ve had my laughs. I’ve had my laughs at the expense of all the people in the Northeast corridor who don’t really like music anymore yet profess great love for Springsteen. I’ve even had my laughs at the expense of the Catholic church, in particular, a church that I was “raised” into and that I’ve long harbored some beefs I’m happy to cease this series for the good of the Hall and out of respect for anyone’s religious beliefs/comfort level with bringing religion into my Boss worshipper mockery.

    Beside the fact that I am probably way too comfortable laughing at religion and Springsteen, I don’t have a problem with anyone who practices their faith in any church. If anyone’s curious, I believe in god, as expressed in the forms of rock ‘n roll, baseball, food, and all of you great people. I also own 4, I believe, Springsteen albums and have listed “Dancing in the Dark” on my list of 100 Favorite Songs of the Previous Millennium.

    I will make no promises to discontinue poking fun at Springsteen and his worshippers, but I will leave you to complete your Stations of The Boss in your own imagination.

    Peace, and thanks for allowing my all the private laughs I’ve had in the creation of this suspended series.

  2. dude don’t let them win. it offends MY faith for you to cave in to humorless religious people. they’ve shaped our culture enough, and it’s all fucked up.
    So please consider completing the series. you don’t have to run it again, but don’t let religious pussies dominate the halls, finish that shit!

  3. Mr. Moderator

    Believe me, shawnkilroy, the person who wrote me is in NO WAY the type of person you might assume. His note was more than personally motivated. He thought it might be for the best of the Hall, not drive away or offend people unnecessarily, in a similar way that I would discourage anyone getting on and simply bashing a religion or a politician or political party. That stuff’s not the focus of our discussions. The focus of my Stations of The Boss series was meant to be on The Boss. I appreciate that some of you dug it – and I even received one offlist message telling me that they’d miss the artwork of Toby, Hans, et al.

    Provided that I don’t let up the gas on The Boss and His Faithful, I’ll stick to the mission. I just need a new bad joke around which to center my campaign. Granted, those of you who, like me, sniggered along with my disregard for the actual holy aspect of the series will be left with a void. Let me think about it, and let me know what you think. What I most want to get across is that my motivation for suspending the series was not prompted by the kind of person you might think prompted it and for the reasons you might think prompted it. Trust me on this and respect your fellow Townsman. If I don’t find a way to continue fighting against the critical assumptions in favor of The Boss, please hold my feet to the fire. A later station was going to get into The Boss’ key role in rebuilding America following 9/11. This surely would have challenged a variety of notions of good taste, but I will pledge to follow up on that and other Boss topics in new ways.

  4. that’s helpful!

  5. sammymaudlin

    Count me in as a member of the Church of shawnkilroy on this one.

  6. shonuffnyesido

    Don’t leave us hanging, Mr. Moderator. LOL!

  7. mikeydread

    Keep ’em coming!

  8. Did the Pope send you an offline message, Mod!?! Or Steve Van Zandt? Or Jihad Jane? Ditto, what Kilroy wrote. There ought to be ONE place where all words are allowed to be written. Words and thoughts need to be free. This running post is great. If sophomoric offensive comments are going to be critically targeted, I’ll have nothing left to write. I’m WAY more offended by your opinions on The Ramones and Abbey Road. Citizens, defend or attack whatever opinion you have on “god” or “boss” in the light and freedom of the hall. It’s a weak faith in Bruce if it’s threatened by jokes. Christ, you know it ain’t easy.

  9. alexmagic

    Agreed with chickenfrank, this is nowhere near as offensive as your takes on Abbey Road and Rubber Soul or your hardline stance against Comic Book Rock.

    I will be very disappointed if this feature ends before we reach the Brucifiction (Station 11) or Station 13, which I assumed was going to be “Born In The USA Is Removed From Reagan’s Campaign By The Boss”.

  10. Mr. Moderator

    I’m curious, apart from the Townsman who wondered whether anyone WOULD be offended by continuation of this thread, was anyone in the least bit offended? I was hoping that Springsteen fans would take issue with the series. They seem impervious to my efforts to bring The Boss down to scale. It’s frustrating, my friends.

  11. I highly approve of this series. I even think you can spin it as a very pro-God series. It’s like the first commandment in action: “I am the Lord your God, You shall have no other gods before me,” including The Boss!

  12. Considering Bruce’s latest extramarital affair, maybe station 13 will be The Last Temptation of Boss.

    Bruce fans are offended that we are only comparing him to the SON of God.

  13. Mr. Moderator

    That’s a true zinger, chick! I love it.

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