Mar 152011

This one’s gonna be hell to referee, but someone’s gotta do it: Jesus songs—Rock ‘n Roll Jesus songs—which we will define as songs including Jesus in the title OR prominently featuring Jesus, specifically, as the main character or subject matter of the song.

Songs referring broadly (or specifically) to God, Lord, Him, The Boss, or what have you are not eligible for this contest. The songs must be about Jesus, and address Him by name.

Songs in which a singer simply asks for Jesus’ help or take His name in vain as a throwaway line are not eligible for this contest, unless the throwaway or blasphemous reference to Jesus is in the song’s title.

The song must be, at least broadly, a rock ‘n roll song. Some gospel song that Little Richard did during one of his sacred periods does not count solely because Little Richard is “rock ‘n roll.”

Crystal clear? I thought so! In honor of our Jesus-obsessed Townsman of the Jewish faith, andyr, let’s kick things off with one of my favorite Jesus songs composed by a musician of Jewish heritage, The Velvet Underground’s “Jesus.”

The race is on.

Apr 032010

Warning sign.

Artist Toby Wetland pulls no punches with his depiction of The Boss’ second fall. “Even with help, The Boss stumbled and fell to the ground once more,” explains the artist. “This time Julianne was the tipping point, but not – I stress – the sole cause of his fall.”

Bruce has seen death before, but now He can feel the profound weakness of disability and disease and aging itself, there on his knees, clutching onto the mic stand, under the weight of his Telecaster. Continue reading »

Apr 022010

Sweat jacket.

In our sixth Station of The Boss, artist Hans Wheeler asked us to look at The Boss in a new light. “Perspiration was increasingly becoming an issue for The Boss and His E Street Band in the early ’80s.” explains Wheeler. By 1983, concerts typically ran for 4 hours or more, testing the band’s improved cardiovascular fitness. Wheeler says the band was up to the challenge, and decided to emphasize their newly crafted “guns.”

“The scrawny, hairy, sweaty, bearded, wool cap-wearing Boss was a thing of the past,” said Wheeler, as we sipped soy vanilla lattes on the roof deck of his Dayton, Ohio condominium. “He liked the way the sweat ran down His sculpted physique, and He wanted to make sure this Look worked within His show.” The problem, Wheeler explained, was how to keep all that sweat from gumming up the works of the band’s equipment.

“In the old days,” Wheeler continued, “the hats, beards, vests, and jackets sopped up enough sweat to keep the gear dry enough to play through the night.” Now The Boss and His band were often down to one layer of clothing, with their sleeves rolled up high and tight over that finely honed artillery. Eventually something had to give, and the band introduced a new article of clothing into its ranks:

Dec 232009

Townsman Andyr, in the middle of his spiritual journey to the Holy Land of Jerusalem sent me this shocking photo from one of the world’s most famous series of Stations of the Cross paintings. (I’m sorry I forget the name of the church, which he breathlessly relayed to me in an excited transcontinental call.) This is truly a miracle of Boss-like proportions…after the jump!
Continue reading »


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