Feb 112012

Fleet Foxes with J. Tillman (the bearded one).

As you certainly heard a few weeks ago, Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman has announced he is leaving the band after their upcoming tour of Japan to concentrate on a solo career. Tillman, like most other members of Fleet Foxes, wears a beard.

Although the band has not announced its plans for replacing Tillman, it is believed they will pick another bearded drummer. Beards play a major role in the music of Fleet Foxes, adding to the depth of the band members’ tightly woven Rug Harmonies. The challenge will be finding an appropriately bearded drummer, one whose beard compliments the beards of the other band members. This promises to be no easy task. It’s no surprise that the continuing members of Fleet Foxes have called on Rock Town Hall to consult them in the selection process.

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Oct 182011

How does this performance by Fleet Foxes make you feel? What most stands out for you in the performance and the editing? What do you think my 3 favorite cuts are? What article of clothing is missing from this performance above all else? What do you like about this performance? I think even members of the Bad Attitude Club would acknowledge some good in this.

I look forward to your thoughts.


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