Apr 012020

O-to-the-M-to-the-G. I’ve been so excited about this trial balloon of an RTH second coming (at Easter time no less!) that I couldn’t pick one from the pile of posts that I was considering to use to say “Hi Again Townsmen!”. Sad that it turns out to be one that just came to light:

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne singer, dead at 52 from Covid-19

Mr. Moderator turned me onto Fountains of Wayne years ago and I was hooked from the first song he played me- Radiation Vibe which is also the first song from their first self-titled release.

My now 21yo son started learning to play guitar about 8 years ago and I turned him on to FOW. He sang Stacy’s Mom at his 5th grade karaoke graduation celebration. He had to ask the DJ to play it as it wasn’t on the “kids approved” list that his elementary school requested. (The apple doesn’t fall far.)

A few years later I took him to his first concert- Fountains of Wayne at The Roxy. He loved it. I bought him a t-shirt that he wore years after it fit.

Actual t-shirt
not actual size

He felt that that single experience with his dad effected his life in such a profoundly positive way that, because the shirt no longer fit, he did this-

Mar 112009

I mentioned this in passing the other day but felt strongly enough about it that I was compelled to jump up on the Main Stage and make my apology loud and clear.

[clear throat and project]

Fountains of Wayne: I am sorry. I am sorry that I called you one of the biggest drop offs in rock. I am sorry that I have gone out of my way to say that following your self-titled debut, you sucked hard.

I was wrong and I’m sorry.

It’s just that, well, I loved your first album so much and your second one, Utopia Parkway, sucked so bad that I chucked you over the cliff. I gave up and bad mouthed you to anyone that would listen.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by throwing XTC over the cliff after Nonesuch only to come crawling back to Apple-Venus vol. 1.

But nooooooooo.

I recently heard Bright Future in Sales on the radio and thought I’d give you another shot. You see, I wanted to keep loving you but it was just so hard after what felt like a betrayal.
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