Oct 292013


It’s time for another installment of Name That Tune.

Please identify the following lyrics:

“If I still remember going anywhere tomorrow? Because I travel a lot to ‘ ‘ now immediately messages that appear”

The tricky part? Using Bablefish.com, I translated the lyrics from English to Italian, then Italian to Hindi, then Hindi to Portugese, Portugese to Japanese, to Spanish, then back to English.

The category is Classic Rock.

Let me know if you want any hints.

Feel free to stump us with re-translated lyrics of your own.

Jun 072013


In an effort to restart the free-flowing, positive chatter for which Rock Town Hall is known, let’s see if we can not only celebrate what’s GOOD in our musical lives; let’s also celebrate what’s BETTER!

I’ll tell you what: let’s take yet another step forward and identify what’s BEST of all in any given musical category.

I’ll throw out a couple of categories for starters, upon which we can build in GOOD-BETTER-BEST fashion, then you take it from there. But first an example:

May 102013

At times of turmoil and change (or just a crappy work week), it can be good to know that there are some definitive answers to life’s musical questions. I would like to thank Roz Chast for proposing the first 3 in a recent New Yorker cartoon:

  1. Nan McGillicuddy let the dogs out.
  2. The flowers all went to Passaic.
  3. We can’t do it in the road because it just got paved.

I did some research and consultation, and was able to determine 3 additional Final Answers:

  1. No, I’ve never been mellow.
  2. Peace, love and understanding aren’t funny at all.
  3. The rain will stop by itself.

What other Final Answers do you have?


Hijinks in LA

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May 092013

Okay, Savage Tales from my Los Angeles painting opening:

First of all, we had a serious West Coast RTH contingent present (see photo #1). Can you guess the identities of this lot?


Second (see photo #2), can you guess the identity of the blonde bloke interviewing me as part of his report on creativity? Hint: he was in a founding Goth band.


Here’s a close-up for old farts.


Correct guesses win a fabulous RTH High Five.

May 012013


While we crank out boatloads of work, or whatever we do with our not-quite-free time, how about we fit in a round-robin Last Man Standing involving song titles stating specific days of the week…in order? That is, after I start this off with a song title stating the first day of the week (at least as I see it on my wall calendar), you will need to follow up with a song title including the next day of the week. Then we will need to list a song title including the day after that. The game ends when we exhaust song titles for whatever day is due next.

Because I suspect this quest may be tough to take as far as the mountaintop, songs including more than a single day of the week in the title can be used to cover a second (or more) day in the sequence, but as always, please don’t bogart this thread: only one song title in sequence of day of the week per post. Thanks!

Are you ready to start? Here goes:

“Sunday Morning,” The Velvet Underground.

(For those of you scratching your head, a song title including “Monday” must follow.)

Apr 042013
Judd Nelson, Mr Mod's '80s role model and unsuspecting lunch table mate at a burger joint in Portland, Maine, circa 1999.

Judd Nelson, Mr Mod’s ’80s role model and unsuspecting lunch table mate at a burger joint in Portland, Maine, circa 1999.

You may recall our recent effort to help Mr. Moderator identify his list of 25 characteristically ’80s songs even he liked during that era, when he was, by his own admission, too cool for school. Despite rigorous exclusion criteria and the Mod’s artful stickwork in fending off hopeful shots on net, we managed to help him show the world that he was actually not quite as a big a party pooper as imagined. I consider it an extraordinary personal triumph that I was able to get even one song on his Top 25 list.

Attached is the compilation of the Top 25 songs plus all candidate songs and their sponsors.

Mr. Mod’s Top 25 and the RTH ’80s Playlist

A few items of trivia related to the thread:

  • Total submissions, including Mr. Moderator’s top 25: 206
  • Submitter with the highest number of successful top 25 candidates other than Mr. Moderator: alexmagic (5)
  • Top 5 submitters overall: alexmagic (27); ladymisskirroyale (26); Sgt. Peppermint Petty (15); cliff sovinsanity (15); Suburban kid (14)
  • Most frequent first word in song title (other than “I”): Don’t(5)…hmmm, interesting considering the point of the thread.
Mar 192013

Greetings, one and all! I come before you a sleep-deprived zombie, still consumed with amazement at the incredible awesomeness of having a first child. My daughter is very healthy, seemingly happy, and thus far, seems perfectly perfect to me. The possibility that she could have shitty taste in music, be afraid to dance, or (shudder) fall in love with a broke-ass drummer is still far enough in the future that I choose to believe none of those things could ever possibly happen.

But I didn’t make this appearance to talk seriously about years to come. No, I am here as Master of Japery and Lord High Commissioner of Fun & Games to ask you one simple question: what song do you think filled my head in the first 24 hours after my Miss M was born?

Those of you who have had the experience I just did will know that after the birth of a first child (assuming you wanted it), one’s heart is filled to bursting, and all the cares and worries of parenthood are subsumed in a tidal wave of the purest ell-oh-vee-ee LUVV. In fact, the days I spent in the hospital right after my girl was born were surprisingly reminiscent of the first few precious, hazy days I’ve spent locked up with the special girls I’ve fallen in love with over the years — you know that feeling, like you’re in an opium den of pure positivity and nothing-could-ever-go-wrong-ism. You don’t want to leave, but at the same time, you know one day you must. You suck on that love-opium pipe as long as you can, and then cross your fingers as you cross the threshold back into the cold light of day, and inevitable reality.

But, again, what I want to know is: for those first few precious, purely positive days, before the sleepless nights and screaming tantrums — what song was stuck in my head? Give me your best guesses. I’ll guide you with clues and hints as I deem necessary. First Townsman to get to the correct answer wins a coveted RTH No-Prize!

I look forward to your responses,



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