Clean-Up Time

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Mar 032013


Getting rid of CDs this weekend. The edict has been out there for awhile — we remodeled last summer, things had to go in boxes, etc. It’s cold outside, there’s nothing else to do, and Mrs. funoka bought some of those massive CD storage folders, so it has begun. I got through “H” in my rock/pop boxes. As I do this, I am sending some stuff to Amazon’s trade in website — so far I have racked up about $150 in credit, which includes some random DVDs. It’s amazing what is worth a few bucks and what is worth a quarter, according to Amazon.

Of course, I’m keeping more than Mrs. funoka would like — I mean these Peter Himmelman CDs are out of print! Some stuff isn’t worth anything — why do I have two Cousteau CDs? Why do I have all these Grant Lee Buffalo CDs? Listened to some Dave Edmunds (DE 7th) and Heart (!). Getting into the L’s now.

I am now listening to LemonheadsThe Atlantic Years, which is pretty damn good.



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Jul 132012

Can't get enough of your love.

I’ve said it before and I might as well lead off with it here: I’m an acolyte in the Church of 1983. As in, there’s been no good music since 1983. I’m not a fundamentalist though; pre-1983 artists have put out good music since then. And, like a blue moon, every once in awhile some post-1983 artist sneaks through (although off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone).

But—bad news—I’m addicted to music. But—good news—I already have more than enough fantastic music should I live another 57 years. But—bad news—I’m also addicted to acquiring music. What to do?

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May 012012

Next: John Peel's Soap Collection!

As if I don’t think about music enough, THIS was brought to my attention.

Starting May 1, YOU can browse through John Peel‘s record collection. I took a quick glance at the A‘s (the rest of the alphabet will be posted one letter each week) and immediately had to look away. Like looking at a mirror reflected in another mirror, I could see the endless hours that I would be spending browsing, listening, sampling, obsessing and conducting other musical whathaveyou.

Take a look. At your own peril.

Mar 222012

Here’s a good challenge for us, thrown down by an offlist note and video from Townsman Diskojoe:

Go to 1:22 of this except from an old Dobie Gillis episode. I think this was probably the first time a record store was featured in a sitcom:

I know you folks know more than I will ever know about rock ‘n roll, but do you know more than Diskojoe? Can you find an earlier example of record store hipsters on TV?

I look forward to being dazzled by your knowledge.


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