May 012012

Next: John Peel's Soap Collection!

As if I don’t think about music enough, THIS was brought to my attention.

Starting May 1, YOU can browse through John Peel‘s record collection. I took a quick glance at the A‘s (the rest of the alphabet will be posted one letter each week) and immediately had to look away. Like looking at a mirror reflected in another mirror, I could see the endless hours that I would be spending browsing, listening, sampling, obsessing and conducting other musical whathaveyou.

Take a look. At your own peril.

Oct 072010

First, what must have been the commercially released video to accompany this star-studded cover of The Buzzcocks’ most-successful song. A list of the contributing artists appears toward the end.

Then, if the notion of the UK as a small, close-knit music community unlike anything we could imagine in the United States still hasn’t hit you, there’s the following, more mind-blowing homemade video: Continue reading »


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