Jun 192013

Well it’s that time of year when we all bow down at the feet of our illustrious Mr. Moderator, perhaps the greatest rock-talker this world has known, and wish him Happy Birthday and give him a sincere thanks for pioneering the way towards this virtual sanctuary. And I’m only 1/2 joking.

RTH is a community as in a real community. This came to me twice within the recent past.  Mrs. Maudlin and I trekked down to Los Feliz recently to catch an art opening headlining our very own Slim Jade. The missus and I had gone to high school with Slim’s missus so RTH has brought us closer…BUT when I walked into our meeting place I was introduced to RTH’s own trigmogigmo. Trigmo is what we in The Back Office call an “organic” Townsperson. Meaning he found us without anyone pointing the way. He encouraged a friendship with the Jade’s as they live near each other and he comes down to Los Feliz to the show and… sammy meets trigmo. Weird and wonderful. Wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t exist. But we do.  

We listen to rock therefore we are.


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