Jun 192013

Well it’s that time of year when we all bow down at the feet of our illustrious Mr. Moderator, perhaps the greatest rock-talker this world has known, and wish him Happy Birthday and give him a sincere thanks for pioneering the way towards this virtual sanctuary. And I’m only 1/2 joking.

RTH is a community as in a real community. This came to me twice within the recent past.  Mrs. Maudlin and I trekked down to Los Feliz recently to catch an art opening headlining our very own Slim Jade. The missus and I had gone to high school with Slim’s missus so RTH has brought us closer…BUT when I walked into our meeting place I was introduced to RTH’s own trigmogigmo. Trigmo is what we in The Back Office call an “organic” Townsperson. Meaning he found us without anyone pointing the way. He encouraged a friendship with the Jade’s as they live near each other and he comes down to Los Feliz to the show and… sammy meets trigmo. Weird and wonderful. Wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t exist. But we do.  

We listen to rock therefore we are.


  18 Responses to “
Happy Birthday & Thank You
Mr. Moderator

  1. Happy Birthday, MR. M! Remember 50 is just a number; a really really big number. May we all raise an Italian sausage in your honor. (I mean a real sausage, get your minds out of the gutter) Thanks for all the inspiration and entertainment you bring to the Hall.

    Sammy, the full 1-800 number please?

  2. cherguevara

    Happy birthday Mr. Mod!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mod! Enjoy those sweet, sweet AARP discounts!

  4. BigSteve

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, age cannot wither him, not custom stale his infinite variety.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Happy birthday, Moddie. Enjoy this, your first year of your sixth decade.

    Your pal in Rock and otherwise,


  6. sammymaudlin

    Sure thing. It’s one of those phonetic deals:

    1-479-626-2874 or 1-GRY-MAN-BUSH

  7. trigmogigmo

    Happy birthday, Mr. Modulator. May you have at least another half century of rock and roll.

    Sammy, thanks for the shout out. It was an honor to meet the overworked and under-appreciated RTH IT staff in L.A. and hang out with you and the rest.

  8. Welcome to the 50’s club. You know you’re in your 30’s when you get weird ear hair. You know you’re in your 40’s when you have to hold the menu at arm’s length to read it. Get psyched for what comes next.

  9. 2000 Man

    Happy birthday and thanks for keeping the light on! I think I’m an “organic” townsperson, too. I’m pretty sure I’m about the only Clevelander (ish) here. I know last year when I turned 50 those fuckers at AARP sent me a signup card two months before I was 50! I was pissed! But I keep thinking I should sign up for 5% off my meals at Denny’s.

  10. ohmstead

    Wow – for once I have perfect timing…been under the gun last few weeks with the pesky day job and I pick the very day of Mr. Mod’s birthday to resurface and stop in at the Hall. Most excellent! Happy 50th birthday Mr. Mod…I’m right on your heels and your a Mod-el to us all.

  11. H. Munster

    Happy birthday, Mr. Mod. Thanks not only for the entertaining reading, but also for all the good music this site has led me to.

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Mod. Congratulations on 50 years of principled stubborn!

  13. diskojoe

    Happy belated Birthday Mr. Mod & welcome to the 50 club, which I joined just last year. Props on putting the piccy of Jamie Moyer on your post. He was the last of our generation to be active in MLB. We certainly have come to a turning point.

  14. We need to get “Organic RTH Member” cards made and distributed! I agree with Sammy, finding folks like you out there in the wild blue yonder is one of the prime joys of doing this stuff.

  15. I kept dreading the day that Moyer was out of baseball. I knew it would mark the end of one of my fantasy lives, or so I thought. I guess some fantasies never die. I’m not ready to aspire to some new ridiculous fantasy, like becoming President of the US, or whatever a man our age should fantasize about becoming.

  16. Belated Happy Birthday Mr. Mod. Welcome ot the wrong side of 50. It ain’t that bad.

    Most people I know seem to at least try to keep it together and not morph into boring old farts. At least that’s my plan.

  17. cliff sovinsanity

    Shit, y’all are old. Happy 50th!

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