Jan 062016

romeo juliet

A recent comment by Townsman Al got me thinking about song titles and more specifically lyrics about Romeo & Juliet. So for this LMS, I ask you to submit song titles or lyrics that reference Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet. One submission per post, of course.


  1. The song title or lyric can mention Romeo, Juliet or any other character in the play.
  2. The song lyric can mention the names Romeo or Juliet but only in the context of tragic or romantic characters. A song about Juliette Lewis will not be accepted, however the Walk The Moon song in Al’s comment(“my discotheque Juliet teenage dream“) is acceptable because this Juliet is used in the context of romance or desire.
  3. Any lines from the play are acceptable. Example: “star crossed lovers”, “parting is such sweet sorrow”

I’ll get the ball rolling. Deniece Williams – “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” has the lyrics “..maybe he’s no Romeo, but he’s my lovin’ one man show”.

Apr 232013


I know you’ve been saving your celebrating until now. I feel embarrassed that it slipped my mind until NPR reminded me: Today is Shakespeare’s birthday!

In honor of Avonian Willie and his prolixity, let us celebrate with a Last Man Standing that features lyrics penned by The Bard.

Yes, Cliffs Notes are allowed, but no, you can not include broadcasts of Shakespeare productions, or movies and their soundtracks. Subtle paraphrasing is also permitted.

I start you off with Rush, “Limelight.”


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