Jul 162012

Your headline, please.

Last night Bruce Springsteen invited Paul McCartney to join him on stage for his show’s fantastic finale in Hyde Park in London. Despite the enormity of this musical event, representatives from City Council pulled the plug while Bruce, Paul, and the band were still playing because it was getting too late! It’s like a soundman giving Jesus the  “2 more minutes” sign while he’s delivering the Sermon on the Mount.

What’s the appropriate use of a lyric, album title, etc. to create the Daily Mail’s morning  headline for the story? I’m going with ‘Because the Night’ ends at 10:30. Others?


  28 Responses to “What’s the Headline?”

  1. Say Goodnight Tonight, Bruce and Paul!

  2. Fleeing From Hyde Park

  3. bostonhistorian

    “Black and Blue”

  4. We’re [Not] Open Tonight For Fun!

    Speaking of early nights — any RTHers going to Wolftrap for Wilco tomorrow night? They have to be done at 11 p.m. by local rules! I’ll be there — and home by 11:15.

  5. mockcarr

    Born to run late

  6. mockcarr

    I’m going Wednesday night.

  7. Prove It Some of the Night

  8. Sound in Bungle Land

  9. Twist and Shut up.

  10. That one made me laugh out loud

  11. misterioso

    Picasso’s Last Words: Take a Hike

  12. “The Curfew That Binds”


  13. mockcarr

    They listen to what The Man said

  14. “Maybe I’m A Nuisance”

  15. misterioso

    “I’ve Got Your ‘Give Ireland Back to the Irish’ Right Here, Sir Paul”

  16. sammymaudlin

    10:30! Time to hit The Abbey Road

  17. sammymaudlin

    McCartney Gets the Hyde Park Freeze-Out

  18. Let It Be over before the neighbors complain.

  19. bostonhistorian

    Not One Minute After 909

  20. bostonhistorian

    Does Paul being the only one really in focus mean Paul is dead?

  21. sammymaudlin


  22. cliff sovinsanity

    “No More Silly Love Songs, Bruce”

  23. Slim Jade

    Electric Plight Orchestra!

  24. THAT’S a winner, if you ask me!

  25. By the way, is anyone around here a good enough artist to draw a picture of Jesus playing guitar on stage while the soundman, from the back of the room (seen from the back or front, your choice), gives Jesus the “2 more minutes” sign? Seriously, I want that on a t-shirt, a poster, etc. The artist can keep all profits (or split them with chickenfrank); just give me a few freebies and let us stick the RTH logo on the items. Thank you.

  26. A Rupert Murdoch headline

    Macca Silenced Again by London Police – 1st since 1969 illegal Rooftop Concert – The Boss his latest co-conspirator!

  27. NPR went with Twist but don’t shout.

  28. machinery

    either Hey Dude!

    Or Let em Be.

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