May 032013

I thought the following post and video from Sam Phillips‘ Facebook page was cool. The new song is promising, too boot!

As some of us have finally sold or given away their vinyl records, many of us have started collecting them; I think this is a beautiful circle. To celebrate this I took some of the orphaned record jackets I found and made them into collaged covers for the release of my new album, Push Any Button. This repurposing fits these 10 songs, which look at the future through the past.

Feb 072013

Townspeople, it’s time we determine—once and for all—Rock’s Worst Album-Naming Pattern. The selection committee, led by Townsman Al, has determined a half dozen worthy contenders. I challenge any one of you to get turned on by even one of these artist’s album-naming pattern. Even when you were a teenager you knew the following nominees were lame. The nominees and the RTH People’s Poll for Rock’s Worst Album-Naming Pattern follow…after the jump!

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Jan 102013

Your personal workspace, ca. 1979.

The question is a simple one: What’s the best gatefold album cover for sorting weed? Be sure to think carefully before answering. You need something you can stare at, but not something that might, you know, totally freak you out. Something lifestyle-appropriate is a must, so: no Ella Fitzgerald compilations! Extra credit if you can think of a recent double-LP that would feel comfortable resting in your lap as you push the seeds to this side and the stems to that.

I look forward to your responses.


Aug 272012

Despite a horrible album cover, as discussed previously here, “Duquesne Whistle,” the first track released from Bob Dylan‘s upcoming Tempest, is pretty good. Check it out here.

The song sounds nothing like the album cover! I only wish Bob’s beyond-repair voice was mixed a little lower so I could better enjoy the groove the band cooks up behind him.

Jun 112012

I’m not posting this to start a “thread” or to invite discussion or argument. I know you’ll all agree with me on this one. I suppose if you want to list the reasons why this is the greatest album cover ever, that would be okay.

(To witness this cover in its full-sized glory, click here.)


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